There are so many fabrics in the world, there are many shapes, sizes, weights and a whole construction. It can be natural, synthetic or man-made… Have you heard of fabric made from wood pulp? Today you will find out.

It sounds a bit strange but it is viscose fiber, which is said to be the 3rd most commonly used textile fiber in the world. Read the article below to learn about viscose yarn right away.

firstWhat is Viscose?

Viscose is also known as artificial silk fiber. First produced in 1883, viscose is a synthetic fiber from cellulose fibers made from wood pulp such as oak, pine, eucalyptus, but can also be made from bamboo …

Before reaching the designers, they have been removed from chemical additives and therefore are not harmful to users’ health.

Viscose is often advertised as an alternative fiber to cotton or polyester, is an inexpensive and lightweight material, widely used in apparel, apparel such as home wear, ski wear, and shirts. , skirts, interior decorations such as tablecloths, bedspreads, etc. In addition, viscose is also used in the production of cellophane, sausage casings, adhesive tapes…

2Specific characteristics of viscose fibers

Fabric has many advantages such as:

– Affordable price

– Viscose does not retain heat, but it also absorbs water and sweat extremely well

– It is a very light, non-charged, ultra-breathable, soft fabric similar to silk and feels like cotton.

– Can be blended with other textiles for shine, softness and cost savings.

Hypoallergenic suitable for sensitive skin like baby skin.

– High durability in dry state

– No special recycling required

But there are also disadvantages like:

– This fabric is prone to wrinkles

– Dimensions may shrink or deform during washing.

– Very sensitive to mold.

– Requires dry cleaning

– May be subject to wear and tear due to the influence of water, high temperature or ultraviolet rays.

3Viscose fiber preservation

Because of its natural origin, to ensure its durability, there are a few ways to preserve it:

– When washing, do not soak the product for too long in soapy water

– Use less alkaline soap, less detergent

– Do not wash with other dark colored products

– Do not dry in direct sunlight, so let it dry by itself

– Should be hand washed and washed in cold water, avoid wringing or curling the fabric.

Now that you know how special this viscose fiber is, surely when you put on an outfit made from natural materials, you must feel very meaningful, right?

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