Many people still hear about pasteurized milk when choosing milk for themselves and their families. So do you know what pasteurized fresh milk is and which one is good to choose?

firstWhat is pasteurized milk?

Pasteurized fresh milk is milk that has been heat-treated at a temperature of 138-141 degrees Celsius for 3-5 seconds, then cooled quickly and packed in sterilized packaging. By doing so, all bacteria capable of spoiling milk will be destroyed, helping to preserve milk for 6-8 months.

Because pasteurized fresh milk is heat-treated in a short time, nutrients such as Vitamin B6, B12, Vitamin C, Folate … only lose a negligible amount, so there is no need to add more.

In Vietnam, pasteurized fresh milk is famous through a number of popular brands such as: Vinamilk pasteurized fresh milk, Dutch Lady pasteurized fresh milk, Moc Chau pasteurized fresh milk,…

2Which pasteurized fresh milk should I choose?

Vinamilk pasteurized fresh milk

Vinamilk is a brand familiar to not only Vietnamese families but also many other countries around the world. Produced according to the standard hygiene process right on the dairy farm, using modern production lines, killing all harmful bacteria, molds, yeasts, and also retaining the quantity. essential nutrients for the body at the highest level. Vinamilk pasteurized fresh milk brings a great experience to families when choosing it.

Vinamilk fresh milk is completely clean, does not contain preservatives, has a natural taste, so it is suitable for many people’s taste. Vinamilk pasteurized fresh milk is also suitable for children from 12 months old to use.

Price: 30,500 VND/1 liter

TH True Milk pasteurized fresh milk

Being the pioneer and only brand in our country applying the most modern technology ESL, has achieved international standard certification in the production process.

Modern packaging technology, through many stages of extremely strict censorship, TH True Milk milk is extremely safe, hygienic, nutritious and extremely delicious. TH True Milk makes consumers like it because of its unique flavor, natural aroma, and inherent sweet aroma. Therefore, more and more people choose TH True Milk pasteurized fresh milk.

Price: 32,500 VND / 1 liter

NutiFood Pasteurized Fresh Milk

NutiFood pasteurized milk meets ISO 22000 / ISO 9001 standards, with delicious taste, rich in Calcium, fortified with Calcium, vitamin A, vitamin D3 and zinc, helping to improve daily diet, enhance market strengthen your bones, increase your resistance, give you a healthy body and a refreshing mind for an active day.

If you are confused about which type to choose, NutiFood’s pasteurized fresh milk will be a good choice.

Price: 31,700 VND/1 liter

Dutch Lady Pasteurized Fresh Milk

Also known as Dutch Lady Fresh Milk, Dutch Lady Pasteurized Fresh Milk is a line of pasteurized fresh milk imported from the Netherlands, produced according to European Organic standards, containing no antibiotics, no faecal contamination. chemical fertilizers, ensuring 100% pure natural fresh milk, no preservatives. Therefore, consumers can rest assured to choose Dutch Lady Pasteurized Fresh Milk for themselves and their whole family.

Price: 55,000 VND/1 liter

Moc Chau pasteurized fresh milk

Loved by many mothers when choosing for their children, Moc Chau pasteurized fresh milk has long been famous for its delicious taste, as well as full assurance of food hygiene and safety procedures.

Provides a rich source of nutrients of vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, calcium, fat, phosphorus, protein, helping to replenish energy for a long day for children to be active, study and play effectively.

Price: 27,000 VND / 1 pack (4 boxes)

Love’in Farm Pasteurized Milk

Produced entirely from pure natural fresh milk, produced and packaged within 24 hours, Love’in Farm’s pasteurized fresh milk is not only delicious, but also rich in calcium, protein, and many essential minerals. essential for the body. As a preservative-free, antibiotic-free, growth hormone-free milk, mothers can be assured of using Love’in Farm’s pasteurized fresh milk to supplement essential nutrients in their daily meals. yourself and your family.

Price: 49,