You may have heard the term ASMR when watching videos from Bach Hoa XANH Youtube page or any Youtube channel. But do you fully understand what ASMR is, let’s find out right here.

You feel delighted by the crunching sound when biting a piece of cake, the rustling sound when turning the pages of a book… You would not expect that seemingly familiar sounds in everyday life can bring about stimulating feelings. really like it right?

Watch a video about What is ASMR? The benefits of ASMR bring:

firstWhat is ASMR?

ASMR stands for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response”. translated into Vietnamese means “Independent orgasm response” or “Automatic Sensory Stimulus Response”in there:

  • Autonomous is automatic, not controlled
  • Sensory is sensory
  • Meridian is the pinnacle, the ultimate
  • Response is response

ASMR is a word used to describe the shivering sensations in the head or neck when receiving stimulating sounds or smooth, ecstatic. Many people judge that ASMR can compared to a sexual orgasm.

What is ASMR?ASMR is not only the feeling of sound but also the image

ASMR is not only a sense of sound but also of images. If it’s audio, ASMR must be the most realistic sound effect and absolutely no noise at all. When listening to these sounds, you will have a very pleasant feeling, spreading throughout the body, making the body quickly enter a state of relaxation. Still if it’s visual, ASMR usually occurs when you watch a repetitive action (eg cooking, massage, hand movements, etc.)

The feeling that ASMR gives is often begins in the head and neck and can sometimes spread to the hands and feet and often happens in batches, not all at once.

ASMR . sensory mapThe ASMR Sensation Map by Emma L. Barratt and Nick J. Davis

If you still don’t understand, put on headphones and listen to the video below to understand ASMR.

2 What makes the ASMR sound?

The feeling of ASMR pleasure can occur if you are exposed to certain stimuli (triggers) by: Sound, image, scent, material, touch.

Some popular sounds that create ASMR effects on Youtube include:

  • The sound of chewing food (Mukbang ASMR): This is definitely the sound most addictivewhen hungry, the sound of biting food crispy makes you unable to hold back and gulp. I feel like I’m eating.
  • Sound of rain: For those who have trouble sleeping, the sound of rain will definitely help improve your sleep. It is often said that the rain will help you sleep better and the sound of rain with ASRM will help you.
  • Whisper (Whisper): This is the most common ASMR sound and also causes the most obvious effects, especially female voices. The doer only whispers for effect.
  • The sound of flipping books: This is a sound that can make ASMR quite well, but not everyone likes to hear it.

There are also several other forms of ASMR such as massage, role play, makeup or even Horror ASMR.

The agent that makes up the sound ASMR

Note: ASMR is a personal feeling, so some forms will work for one person but not for another. Listen more to know which ASMR genre is right for you!

3Benefits of ASMR to people

ASMR is still quite new to many people, scientists are just starting to study ASMR, so the benefits of ASMR are still a mystery. But there is no denying the effects of ASMR on the body such as:

Nervous relaxation

Nervous relaxationNervous relaxation

This is the biggest effect that ASMR brings. When you relax with ASMR you will be more productive, but this feeling will quickly pass after only a few hours.

Improve health

Improve healthImprove health

In addition to improving psychological well-being, ASMR also helps improve health by speeding up blood circulation, the digestive system and can also help you lose weight.

Benefits of AS
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