Digestive disorders during pregnancy are a symptom that every pregnant mother will experience. They cause a lot of fatigue and discomfort for mothers, and their treatment will also affect the health of the fetus more or less. Understanding that hardship, Bach Hoa XANH shares with you a little experience about this disease.

Pregnant women during pregnancy often experience digestive diseases, you can Refer to some tips to treat digestive disorders for pregnant women with natural ingredients course Please.


This is a very common disease among pregnant women. Almost 90% of pregnant women will have this disease. Constipation will make the mother’s body very tired, the abdomen will always feel pain, walking, movement is very uncomfortable.

Constipation is a disease that more than 90% of pregnant women experience


In fact, this is a disease because when the mother’s body is pregnant, it will secrete a sex hormone to maintain the health of the fetus. This hormone is the cause of the mother’s digestive system working slower than normal.

If the normal amount of food will be digested by the body within 1 hour, it takes twice as long for a pregnant woman’s body. This means that the amount of waste is excreted more slowly, causing constipation.

How to cure?

The simplest treatment without using drugs is that mothers should add more foods rich in fiber (oranges, lemons, legumes). On average, you should add 25g – 30g of fiber per day. Fiber will absorb water to soften solid waste in the intestines, helping the mother to reduce constipation.

should eat more foods rich in fiber to overcome

2Hemorrhoids in pregnancy


In fact, hemorrhoids during pregnancy will appear if the mother has prolonged constipation. Straining to go to the bathroom is a symptom of hemorrhoids. During pregnancy, the amount of blood circulating in your body increases, causing the veins to dilate. In the anus, the veins work even weaker, so it will be difficult if they are encountered at the right time when the mother is constipated.

Pregnancy hemorrhoids appear when constipation persists

How to cure?

The remedy is still that mothers should eat foods with a lot of fiber, should abstain from greasy, spicy and hot foods. Mother should add more water to the body, can drink fruit juices will help this situation better.

Eat plenty of fiber-rich foods and drink plenty of water



According to the Web Portal of the Department of Health of Nam Dinh Province, heartburn is also known as Acid Reflux. Due to hormonal changes in the mother’s body, heartburn will be more common. Symptoms such as a bitter taste in the mouth, heartburn, or a burning sensation in the chest or throat are symptoms of heartburn.

heartburn aka acid reflux

How to cure?

Mothers should avoid carbonated drinks (soft drinks, coca cola, alcohol), chocolate, coffee, processed foods with too much oil, candies or drinks with mint extract. , mustard, vinegar,…

Foods to avoid when this symptom occurs

4Pregnant women should pay attention to meals

To have a good digestive system and not have digestive disorders during pregnancy, mothers should pay attention to the following characteristics:

– Should divide the meals of the day into small meals, should not eat too quickly, chew slowly and thoroughly.

– Drink plenty of water and fruit juices.

– Should chew gum before meals to stimulate salivary glands and neutralize the amount of acid in the stomach.

– Do not eat too close to bedtime, it is best to eat 2-3 hours before going to bed.

– Keep the weight at a reasonable level for pregnant women, do not let the weight gain too quickly.

– Wear loose-fitting clothes.

Pregnant mothers should keep a good health to nourish the fetus

In addition to the above problems, during pregnancy, a pregnant woman’s skin may deteriorate and become dark, but it is difficult to use cosmetics for fear of affecting the baby. Then, Pregnant women can refer to some facial beauty tips from natural ingredients such as aloe vera, turmeric, ….

Hopefully, with the treatment methods for digestive disorders that Bach Khoa XANH shared, it helps mothers to be less hard and tired in the months of taking care of babies during pregnancy.

Source: Web portal of Nam Dinh Provincial Department of Health

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