By chance, we stumbled upon a Vlog where artist Tran Thanh raved about the delicious dishes at A Ma Kitchen. Intrigued, our group decided to give it a try. A Ma Kitchen is renowned for being opened by Tran Thanh’s sister. We arrived at around 11am and found the restaurant quite empty. We devised a challenge to order the dishes that Mr. Tran Thanh had recommended to test if they were truly as delicious as he claimed.

First, let’s talk about the restaurant’s ambiance. A Ma Kitchen is a three-story establishment with tasteful Chinese-style decoration. Steaming baskets adorn one side wall, while the other showcases old Chinese newspapers featuring famous artists. Upon entering, we were greeted by Chinese songs playing, which added to the authentic dining experience. It truly felt like we had been transported to China.

Once seated, we perused the menu, which was quite unique. If we wanted to know the ingredients of a particular dish, we could simply ask the staff for an introduction. With so many options to choose from, we decided to order a variety of dishes. Unfortunately, the dried pork noodles with sugar and the salad recommended by Mr. Tran Thanh were not available that day.

After placing our order, it took approximately 15 minutes for the food to arrive. The restaurant was not very crowded, so the service was quite speedy. As soon as the food was placed on the table, we eagerly grabbed our chopsticks and dug in.

We started with the shumai, and the moment we bit into it, we were met with the delicious aroma of tender meat. The skin was thin and not too thick, making it incredibly enjoyable. I would rate this dish a 9 out of 10, as it was the best shumai I had ever tasted at a Dimsum restaurant. However, a downside was the lack of dipping sauce for the shumai or sauerkraut. We had to create our own soy sauce with chili sauce and a little vinegar.

Next up were the shrimp dumplings, which were quite large, and the shrimp inside was sizable. The skin was not overly tough, but I felt they could have been better and would rate them a 6 out of 10.

Moving on to the dish recommended by Mr. Tran Thanh, the scallop dumplings topped with salmon roe. These dumplings were incredibly fragrant, with a strong seafood aroma. They earned a rating of 7 out of 10. However, once again, we were disappointed by the absence of a proper dipping sauce for this dish.

In need of something healthier, we tried the broccoli with oyster sauce. The broccoli was fresh, vibrant, and crispy. Unfortunately, the sauce was a bit pale and oily, which was a disappointment.

The chicken rice, cooked with chicken broth and infused with lemongrass flavor, was next. It was fragrant and had a texture similar to sticky rice. The chicken was meltingly tender, and the sauce was rich and delicious.

The Three Treasures dish consisted of roast pork, char siu, and duck meat. The roasted pork had a crispy skin that melted in your mouth, and the meat was tender and sweet. The sauce accompanying this dish was divine and elevated it to a perfect 10 points. The char siu was incredibly soft, and the flavors had permeated every fiber of the meat. The duck meat had melt-in-your-mouth skin and tender meat.

We then tried the perennial beef noodle soup, which was cooked to perfection. The broth had a hint of herbal medicine, and the noodles were delicious. The beef was tender and made for a satisfying lunch option.

The Shrimp de Mango dish, topped with fruit sauce and garnished with strawberry, had a rich and flavorful sauce. The combination of mango and shrimp was delightful, and it was definitely worth a try.

Lastly, we sampled the Tofu A Ma served with burnt rice. The sauce had a unique Chinese flavor, but it didn’t appeal to my personal taste as I prefer stronger flavors.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the drinks. The shop offered some interesting options, including the 1980S milk tea, which was flavorful with a slightly bitter taste and a creamy, moderately sweet profile. Another intriguing option was the buckwheat milk tea, which had seeds and a milky, slightly sweet taste. I particularly enjoyed this milk tea.

In conclusion, we only managed to try a few dishes at A Ma Kitchen, as there were many more left unexplored. The total bill for our group of five came to 1,688,400 VND. One notable aspect of this restaurant is their commitment to using environmentally friendly tools, such as paper straws.

Overall, A Ma Kitchen offers delicious food, and I highly recommend trying their specialties, including the Chicken rice A Ma, Shrimp de Mango, the Three Treasures, and the Vietnamese meatball. By 12:30, the restaurant was already bustling with customers, so be prepared for a busy dining experience. The comfortable and well-decorated space, infused with a Hong Kong vibe, earned this restaurant an 8 out of 10. I hope this article helps you discover a delightful dining destination, and I encourage you to bring your friends and family to experience it firsthand.

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