You are a loyal customer of Omo brand, so do you know the hand washing liquid for top load washing machine of this brand? Right now, I will introduce you to those products.

Omo is the world’s leading brand in the laundry industry. With outstanding superior technology, this brand has created a firm trust for consumers because of the product quality as well as the level of safety for health. To meet the needs of customers, Omo has launched a series of cleaning products with diverse materials such as washing liquid, washing powder. And the product line that is chosen and used by many people is Omo hand washing liquid for top load washing machines, with mild ingredients, this product is not only machine washable but can also be used for hand washing.

firstOMO Matic laundry detergent is gentle

If you are looking for a mild detergent and Safe for baby’s skin then do not ignore the gentle OMO Matic laundry detergent. With a formula that completely removes stubborn stains and natural ingredients, this product Perfect for people with sensitive skin. The scent is light, faint but penetrates deeply and crept into each fabric, preserving the fragrance all day long.

The price of this product is about: 139,000 / bag 2.4kg

2OMO Matic Comfort laundry detergent essential oil

Because it is the same product line of Omo Matic, this washing liquid has a formula to remove stubborn stains but still retain the color of clothes. The outstanding thing that makes Omo Matic Comfort essential oil detergent different from other products is that when washing, the scent particles will penetrate deeply into each fabric, The scent lasts all day long.

The price of this product is about: 163,000 / bottle 2.4kg

3OMO Matic 3X laundry detergent swirls away stains

With 3X power, Omo Matic 3X washing liquid swirls away stains Not only cleans the stains directly in the drum, but also keeps the original color of the clothes, does not fade or discolor. Besides, with a breakthrough feature, this product helps prevent foaming, contributing to long-term preservation of the washing machine.

The price of this product is about: 191,000 / bag of 4kg

4OMO Matic laundry detergent keeps color

With a system of 3 breakthrough active ingredients to help remove stains directly and quickly, Omo Matic laundry detergent helps to whiten and completely remove stubborn stains without having to soak or wash first. Not only that, with its superior color retention formula, this product Helps to keep clothes bright as new even after washing many times.

The price of this product is about: 236,000 / 3.8kg bottle

5OMO Matic Polyshield laundry detergent is resistant to dirt

Anti-fouling OMO Matic Polyshield laundry detergent is made up of a superior formula that is capable of removing stubborn stains, and at the same time, the concentrate of washing liquid is completely soluble in water, not leaving residue like conventional laundry detergents. Usually, help your clothes stay white and clean. The scent is cool, mild, creating a pleasant feeling when used. Polyshield . anti-fouling screen Acts as an invisible screen that wraps and protects the fabric, keeping the color of clothes like new.

The price of this product is about: 236,000 / 4.2kg bottle

Thanks to their quality and affordable prices, Omo’s laundry products have always won the trust and favor of consumers. Hopefully, the information that I have shared can help you choose a quality top-loading laundry detergent that is suitable for your needs.

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