Morning sickness is always a horror of mothers, when they are constantly tormented by nausea. With “yellow” fruits such as oranges, lemons, bananas, tamarinds and pineapples, the morning sickness of pregnant women will be repelled quickly.

Pineapple – ripe yellow pineapple

A lot of bad word of mouth about pineapple – pineapple when mothers use during pregnancy.

However fragrant Contains a large amount of Vitamin C help strengthen the resistance of pregnant mothers, in addition, they alsopromise 70% of required Manganese for body. The sweet and sour taste of pineapple helps treat morning sickness very well.

Mothers should choose ripe yellow pineapples near the stem, large and sparse eyes.

5 kinds of fruit

Lemon – honey

Lemon mixed with honey is always a nutritious drink that is spread by many people because of its good use for health as well as treating morning sickness for pregnant women.

Mothers can mix lemon juice with honeyor cut lemon into thin slices, mix well with honey and suck when they have symptoms of morning sickness.

Mothers should choose thin, plump, small lemons, click on the peel to see the scent of lemon essential oil.

5 kinds of fruit


Vitamins C and B6, Fiber and Potassium in bananas, are necessary substances Help pregnant women deal with constipation in pregnancy. Recent studies show that Vitamin B6 reduces nausea symptoms during pregnancy.

Mothers should choose medium bananas, Avoid choosing too large fruits that will not be delicious. Choose a fruit bright yellow, or green to yellow, No dark spots or bruises.

5 kinds of fruit

I’m stupid

It sounds weird but Green tamarind juice is used to treat morning sickness Very good.

You just need to remove the tamarind skin, boil tamarind meat with 300ml water until The water is still about 200ml then filter the tamarind wateradd a little sugar and use every day will help mothers treat nausea.

Should choose small fruit, the eyes are even, so the seeds will be smaller and sweeter.

5 kinds of fruit


As a source Provide Vitamin C abundant for the body, at the same time oranges support Maximum absorption of iron from plants. Use 1-2 cups of oranges/dayThe sweet and sour taste from oranges will help pregnant mothers treat morning sickness effectively.

With cam you should only Use oranges in the right season, avoid growth drugs, pesticides harmful to health. Should Choose oranges with stalks, tight stem knobscannot be broken.

5 kinds of fruit

Note when using fruit

– Should only Peel it and eat it there because fruit is also very easy to lose substance when exposed to the outside air for a long time.

– Should use a variety of seasonal fruitsavoid growth drugs that adversely affect health.

– Limit the use of high-sugar fruits such as lychee, banana, durian, watermelon… for mothers with diabetes. You should consult your doctor for a suitable diet.

– After eating fruit, mothers should drink filtered water to neutralize the acid in the fruit, avoiding damage to tooth enamel.

5 kinds of fruit

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Hopefully, with the above fruits, mothers can choose for themselves the right fruit to help treat nausea, morning sickness, and ensure the health of themselves and their babies.

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