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Comfort conditioner is a product that “cares” for clothes that many families love. But among many sub-brands, which Comfort conditioner should be chosen the most? The scent of rose water, Lillie flower, or morning scent … all bring a feeling of love to the user. Which type of Comfort fabric softener should I choose to get the most pleasant scent? You should refer to the characteristics of each type.

firstComfort conditioner for sensitive skin – Powder scent

The gentle scent of powder is easy to find on children’s clothes these days Feel comfortable on clothes when using Comfort conditioner for sensitive skin. Users who want to choose a mild, long-lasting fabric softener scent, this is the right product. Comfort conditioner for sensitive skin is dermatologically certified for safety, non-irritating, and can be used by both adults and children.

Comfort for sensitive skin 1.6 liter bag reference price 95,000 VND.

2Comfort fabric softener morning scent

This product line gives a fresh, pure fragrance that creates a light and refreshing feeling for users as if “enjoying” the fresh morning sunlight.

The fragrance particles present in fabric softener will help the clothes smell for a long time, At the same time, modern fabric softening technology not only makes clothes easy to iron, but also provides a gentle touch on the skin.

Comfort 1 time discharging incense in a 1.6 liter bag, reference price 92,500 VND.

3Comfort conditioner with spring breeze scent

Another scent has a very natural, gentle feeling with fragrance particles that effectively remove odors on clothes. Comfort fabric softener smells of spring breeze with The breakthrough concentrated formula is both economical when used, softens clothes, and retains fragrance ethereal cool will bring love to many users.

Comfort 1 time release of spring breeze scent 1.6 liter bag for reference price 103,000 VND.

4Comfort conditioner Rose perfume

The signature scent of French rose is both passionate, noble, and elegant, Comfort Rose perfume is one of the elite fabric softener options according to the most fragrance criteria.

Special aroma technology of Home Care brand from Unilever It will bring a noble fragrance with you all day long.

Comfort fragrance Rose perfume 1.6 liter bag reference price 97,500 VND.

5Comfort conditioner with natural fragrance Lillie

As one of the most loved fragrances by families with the essence of fresh perfume, Lillie’s scent spreads with each movement.

Clothes are soft, fresh, fragrant for a long time, choosing the most fragrant fabric softener is also a good choice.

Comfort flower scent Lillie 1.6 liter bag, reference price 97,500 VND.

6Comfort fabric softener with natural fragrance Sophia

With a strong scent of Sophia perfume, this is a fabric softener containing essential oils extracted from natural fragrant flowers such as carnations, raspberries, geraniums, etc. to bring a very sweet, attractive, impressive scent. bold symbol for the sense of smell. Comfort natural fragrance Sophia with Unique fragrance formula helps to release fragrance with each movement. You do not need to use more perfume, if you already use this Comfort conditioner for your clothes.

Comfort fragrance Sophia perfume 1.5 liter bag, reference price 97,500 VND.

7Comfort fabric softener with Bella fragrance

Feminine, seductive scent wafts with every movement when you use Comfort fabric softener with Bella fragrance for clothes. This is a very favorite scent of women, bringing a feminine, elegant and very graceful style, exalting the beauty of the weak. Product Concentrated formula for economical use, long lasting fragrance all day long.

Comfort Bella perfume 1.8 liter bag, reference price 97,500 VND.

8Comfort conditioner flavored with coconut oil and aloe vera

A new line of fabric softener products from Comfort, with coconut oil and aloe vera extracts, has a sweet, pleasant and natural scent.

Superior formula extracted from nature makes clothes soft, good scent and especially has the effect of resisting UV rays to make clothes more durable.

Comfort coconut oil aroma aloe vera 1.5 liter bag reference price 129,000 VND.

9Comfort Nature fabric softener with jasmine green tea scent

With a gentle touch of jasmine, adding a subtle green tea scent, this product with natural essence effectively eliminates unpleasant odors on clothes, pleasant light fragrance.

In particular, this is a product that uses a recycled plastic container to contribute to protecting the green environment. Select Fabric softener with long lasting fragrance for home use, Comfort Nature jasmine fragrance is the right choice. Safe to use for the whole family.

Comfort jasmine green tea 1.6 liter bag reference price 129,000 VND.

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