You feel frustrated when the ballpoint pen ink on your clothes is really difficult to remove, isn’t it? Don’t worry, just use a little trick with toothpaste to remove ink stains quickly.

In the composition of the toothpaste there is a bleach and has the ability to clean plaque on the teeth, so it can be used to remove ink stains on clothes.

Remove ink stains on clothes with toothpaste

How to remove ballpoint pen ink stains on shirt with toothpaste

Step 1: Dip the clothes that are stained with ballpoint pen ink to make it easier and faster to apply the toothpaste, and the toothpaste is also easier to absorb into the fabric.

Step 2: Use a small amount of toothpaste to apply directly to the ballpoint pen ink.

Step 3: Use a brush to rub the stain, rub several times to gradually clean the stain.

Remove ink stains on clothes with toothpaste

Step 4: After cleaning the stain, you wash it again with detergent and fabric softener as usual.

Note when using toothpaste to remove ink from ballpoint pens

If it is a new ink stain, you can just use toothpaste to remove it, but if it is a long-standing ink stain, you should combine toothpaste with soap to soak for 30 minutes then use a brush. scrub off the stain.

Using toothpaste to remove ballpoint pen ink on colored clothes, you should only remove the ink-stained part, leaving the rest of the clothes out, do not soak them together because toothpaste is easy to discolor your clothes.

With seemingly simple operations, using toothpaste to remove ballpoint pen ink on clothes is really a good trick to help women have knowledge about cleaning clothes to protect and care for clothes for the whole family at home. Everything is as bright as new.