Today and tomorrow the high tide peaks at 1.68m in Ho Chi Minh, predicting many roads will be flooded.

On October 27, due to the influence of the northeast monsoon, water pushed from the estuaries inland, causing high tides.

Forecast Today (October 28) the tidal peak reached 1.68m at Phu An station and 1.7m at Nha Be station. On October 29, it is 1.7m at Phu An station and 1.72m at Nha Be station.

Flooding many roads such as Le Van Luong (Nha Be District), Huynh Tan Phat, Tran Xuan Soan (District 7), Phu Dinh (District 8), Ho Ngoc Lam (Binh Tan District), Nguyen Van Huong (District 2) , Binh Quoi, Binh Loi (Binh Thanh District), National Highway 1 (Binh Chanh District)

Today the tide is high, there is a possibility of flooding so everyone needs to be careful to protect themselves and property.

– Limit going to flooded roads around 16-20h, if you have to, you should move slowly, be careful to get wet.

– People in the house need to put things up high, especially electronics, so as not to be damaged by water.

Measures to prevent water from entering the house:

Use sandbags Place in front of doors and places where water is likely to enter.

Use wooden sticks Block the door to prevent water from entering the house.

– In addition, it is possible to build high tissue in front of the house to prevent water from entering.

See more details in the article: Effective measures to prevent water from entering the house.

Above is the information about the high tide situation today, everyone be careful when moving through areas prone to flooding on or in that area, be careful to protect property in the house.

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