Stickers stick to objects, even if you try to remove them, they still leave behind a sticky residue that makes them easy to get dirty. A little trick with ingredients available in the family’s kitchen will help you peel off the sticker on the item without having to worry about the glue remaining.


First you Soak a little alcohol on a cotton pad or cotton balls and Dab them on the spot where the sticker is inside 5-10 minutes. Now you put the makeup remover layer out, rub with a towel on the surface of the sticker will be peeled off.

In the process of rubbing, if you still feel the glue stick, use the original makeup remover to wipe over the glue and continue rubbing until the sticker is clean.

Use alcohol to remove the sticker

2Baking soda and cooking oil

Mix baking soda and cooking oil into a paste, Use a toothbrush to brush this mixture onto the surface of the clear sticker 5-10 minutes, then wipe the sticker off with a towel.

If the sticker doesn’t come off you can use it hair dryer to dry the sticker part and wipe with a towel, the sticker will peel off easily without leaving any glue.

Mix baking soda and cooking oil to remove the sticker

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3Use wind oil

Similar to how to remove the label with alcohol, first you Dab a little oil on the spot where the sticker is inside 2-3 minutes. At this point, you use a cloth or cotton pad to rub the surface of the stamp so that they come off.

In addition to the above three ways, you can also mix baking soda with cooking oil with warm water and dishwashing liquid, or apply nail polish remover on the sticker. We you succeed.