At dusk, there is a situation of moths flying into the house, so how to prevent and destroy this hateful moth. Please refer to the following article.

Burning body is a small-sized and winged insect that flies into the house at night where there is strong light. They do not cause much harm to human health but cause nuisance in family activities. The time to appear the most moths is around the end of September and early October, this is also the time they spawn.

firstHow to prevent moths from flying into the house

Close the door

Afraid of cremators flying into the house, turn on the lights and do the following

When it’s dark in the house, turn on the lights when these hateful moths appear, so at night close all the doors leaving no space for them to fly in.

Use white light bulbs

Afraid of cremators flying into the house, turn on the lights and do the following

Burning bodies are attracted by strong light such as incandescent light, street light, motorcycle light, etc. So replace the lights in the house with white light Like today’s LED lights, it helps to save electricity and at the same time Limit the possibility of cremating flying into the house.

Keeping an aquarium in the house

Burning bodies is a food that fish like very much, so when they see an aquarium, they are also somewhat afraid, raising an indoor aquarium will both create beauty and help limit moths from flying into the house.

Use lemon and mint solution

Lemon and mint essences are the quintessence of insects, cremation is no exception. Mix lemon and mint with water in a misting spray bottle and spray on windows, doors, and places near light bulbs. This method can also be used to kill moths and make your home smell better.

2How to kill moths in the house

If you haven’t applied the above methods, the moths have already flown into the house, then apply the following methods to destroy them:

Use the lamp to kill the moth

Afraid of cremators flying into the house, turn on the lights and do the following

Prepare a large bowl or bowl for 1 tablespoon of washing powder mixed with water. Using a filament lamp with a yellow-orange light shining directly into the water tank, this trap takes advantage of the change in visual refraction, causing the moth to stick to the lamp and fall into the water to die immediately.

Extermination with candle traps

Afraid of cremators flying into the house, turn on the lights and do the following

Turn off all the lights in the house, then light the candle to attract the moths, they will fly to the candle and die. Or you can put the candle in the bowl containing water below, the moth flying in will fall into the water and die.

Use the TV screen

In addition to using study lights or candles to kill moths, you can make use of television, just put a bucket of water in front of the TV screen and turn on the TV, the light from the TV will attract moths and they will fall into the bucket of water and die immediately.

Use the lamp to catch mosquitoes to kill the body

Afraid of cremators flying into the house, turn on the lights and do the following

To be more effective, you can replace mosquito catching bulbs with fluorescent or incandescent bulbs because they have an orange-yellow light that will attract more moths, they will fall into the grid and die immediately.

Use insecticide

This is the most convenient and fastest way, moths are very easy to die insects, just spray insecticide on them and they will die immediately.

Use double-sided tape

Cut the double-sided tape into pieces about 20cm and then stick it vertically on the light bulb, the moth will stick to the tape and will die.

3What to do when the moth clings to the body?

Burning body is not an insect that seriously harms health, but can cause skin irritation and itching.

– If the moth clings to the body, do not hit it because when the moth liquid and chalk will stick to the skin, it can cause itching.

– Unfortunately, if there is an epidemic or burning powder on the person causing itchiness, using perfume or alcohol directly on the skin will stop itching immediately.

Above are some ways to prevent and destroy moths flying into the house, apply immediately to avoid the hateful moths. With the above methods you can apply to winged ants.

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