After 6 months of age, mothers need to add more nutrients from formula milk for the best development of their babies, when they are used to using breast milk substitutes, it is also time to wean the baby, here are some weaning tips. easy but effective and safe baby milk

Breastfeeding is the best thing ever. But the times when helping the baby wean is also not easy for mothers. When weaning the baby, the mother has to face the breast full of milk and the baby is crying and upset because she is not able to suckle. So to make weaning easier, moms do the following:

firstBreast makeup

Breast makeupBreast makeup

One of the ways to help many mothers successfully wean their babies is to disguise their breasts, thanks to this way, when looking at the mother’s breasts, the baby does not want to suck anymore. For example: take the tangled hair and tie it to the nipple; Apply lipstick to the mother’s breast, use a face mask to cover the mother’s breast …

However, the mother also needs to be careful with this way of dressing, she should use funny explanations so that the baby understands and does not ask to breastfeed anymore, absolutely do not scare the baby to scare the baby!

2Goodbye baby

Baby is used to the smell of mother’s milk, so every time she is close to her mother, she will ask for milk. slightly mother. In addition, the mother can choose to go to work all day without breastfeeding, and at night do not sleep with the baby so that the baby sleeps separately from his father for the first few nights, he may cry or be restless when he sleeps, but slowly he will get used to it. and forget about breastfeeding.

3Apply bitter/spicy substance to mother’s breasts

Apply bitter/spicy substance to mother's breastsApply bitter/spicy substance to mother’s breasts

Some mothers choose to apply oil to the nipple, when the baby sucks on it, the baby will stop sucking, or the mother can choose to apply bitter melon to the nipple when the baby sucks in and feels bitter, so the baby will turn away immediately and do not ask for a feed. mother again.

4Weaning with garlic

Weaning with garlicWeaning with garlic

While the baby is still breastfeeding, the mother should not eat garlic because garlic will make the milk smell, which can make the baby refuse to breastfeed. But when the mother weaned her baby, let the garlic take effect! If you want your baby to stop breastfeeding, just eat pickled garlic or food with a little more garlic, the unpleasant garlic smell will be an effective tool to make the baby stop breastfeeding.

5Drink herbs

Drink herbsDrink herbs

Using herbs to reduce milk such as jasmine flowers, mint leaves, sage leaves, parsley, guise leaves, mulberry leaves … will help reduce the ability to secrete milk, breast milk will gradually decrease, the baby will see less milk gradually. Tired of not asking anymore. If the mother is worried that the baby is hungry at this time, the mother can increase the amount of food or increase the number of meals for the baby.

6Reduce breastfeeding time

To wean the baby, the mother can also choose to reduce the number of feedings of the baby. For example, instead of breastfeeding at that time, the mother will not breastfeed the baby anymore, but give the baby formula milk or solid foods. If the baby does not breastfeed regularly, the breast milk will also decrease and the baby will also gradually stop breastfeeding.

7 When should we wean a baby from breast milk?

In order for the baby to easily wean off breast milk and not fuss, mothers should pay attention to weaning on a regular basis steady speed and wean the baby slowly. Many mothers previously always exclusively breastfed their babies and did not supplement with other sources of nutrition, and then it was very difficult for them to wean their babies completely in a short time.

The time to start weaning for your baby depends on the baby's conditionThe time to start weaning for your baby depends on the baby’s condition

Little 6 months old and up can practice using breast milk and nutritious foods. Mothers should practice introducing solids slowly alternately with breast milk. After the baby is used to the source of external food, he will get tired of breastfeeding and can wean completely.

How many months old should the baby be weaned? The answer is cannot be based on the number of months of age of the baby to determine weaning. Depending on the body condition, if the mother sees the baby already sturdy and able to sit on its own then you should wean the baby and use an alternative source of milk.

8Things to keep in mind when weaning your baby

Things to keep in mind when weaning your babyThings to keep in mind when weaning your baby

When should the baby be weaned?

Currently, there is no specific regulation on when to decide to wean children. Parents can wean early or late, depending on the individual change of each baby. Weaning is the process by which a child gradually adapts from milk to adult food.

Stages parents can consider weaning babies such as: Baby is able to sit up straight and roll the ball by himself, he can say 2-3 words in addition to the basic words dad, mom, grandpa, grandma, he can eat porridge and sticky rice, he has the ability to recognize colors Baby can climb up and down stairs,…

Note: The appropriate time for a baby to wean is 18-24 months old, with normal health, no disease or illness.

Should I breastfeed my baby when weaning?

The answer is SHOULD NOT. Breastfeeding while weaning will Unknowingly making it harder for the baby to wean, and the baby will be at risk of “re-addicting” to breast milk again. At the same time, when the mother is in the state of weaning her baby, but then breastfeeds her baby, the amount of milk secreted will be uneven and there will be no more nutrients for the baby as in the first stage.

Above are some simple and effective weaning methods that many mothers have successfully applied. If you are having a hard time weaning your baby, don’t forget to try the above methods!

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