Leather jackets are luxury fashion products that require careful use and care, even in washing and cleaning. If you also own a few leather jackets, refer to how to wash and preserve leather jackets for a long, mold-free life below.

Leather jackets come in many types, from suede, nubuck, aniline to PU leather (artificial leather), each type of leather not only gives its own quality and elegance, but also requires how to use and maintain. different management.

See how to wash these leather jackets so as not to damage them, ensure cleanliness and prevent mold.

firstHow to wash leather jackets safely

Check out the three instructions on the shirt:

Check the information on the instruction stamp of the leather jacket you own, and compare their meanings according to the image below.

How to wash leather jackets and preserve leather jackets for a long time, not moldy

On that basis, you will know if your leather jacket can be washed or not, machine washed or hand washed, washed in warm water, hot or cold water, can be used with detergent or not, can be tumble dried or not, how to dry so that the material does not stretch, how to iron…

Wipe the stains on the shirt

How to wash leather jackets and preserve leather jackets for a long time, not moldy

You can use many ways to clean the surface of the leather such as:

– Use egg whites or specialized cleaning solutions for leather jackets.

– Use a soft brush or sponge to dip the diluted solution with water, gently rub the stain.

– If the stain is not completely gone, you can soak it with a solution specifically for leather before rubbing it by hand.

If your leather jacket is suede, you need to use a handheld vacuum to vacuum the surface of the leather and lining before cleaning to remove stains and odors on the shirt.

Washing leather jackets by hand:

How to wash leather jackets and preserve leather jackets for a long time, not moldy

To clean the inner lining of the shirt and remove the sweat smell from the shirt:

Turn left leather jacket and Soak it in a dedicated cleaning solution diluted in 10-15 minutes.

– Use a soft scrubber to gently scrub and use a cotton towel or sponge soaked in clean water to clean the shirt.

– Do not wring, dry or dry in a cool place as required by the shirt material.

– Specialized polishing for leather jackets to regain the shine of the leather surface.

Washing leather jacket in washing machine:

Some leather jackets are machine washable, but it’s still recommended that you hand wash them, as machine washes are often strong and spin drying can damage your leather.

– Turn leather jacket left.

– Put the shirt in the machine and use it with suitable washing water, choose a fast wash mode with cold water or warm water according to the material requirements.

– Hang or dry according to the instructions on the label.

2How to preserve leather jackets not to stretch or mold?

When drying, leather jackets should be drying with a wooden hanger so as not to make the leather surface imprinted with hangers.

Should Dry your leather jacket in a cool place, away from sunlight Severe exposure can cause the skin to crack, explode, and damage.

How to wash leather jackets and preserve leather jackets for a long time, not moldy

Leather jacket needs to be Dry completely and store in the refrigerator with a certain degree of ventilation.

Should Use a desiccant bag for the cabinetregularly check the surface of leather jackets to detect mold stains and treat them early to avoid mold spreading.

In hot and humid weather, keep the closet well-ventilated, clean it regularly, make sure mold doesn’t have the conditions to stick and grow on the surface of the leather jacket.

Hope this article helps you know how to wash and care for your leather jacket to protect the durability and natural beauty of your leather jacket.

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