Newborns have up to 30% thinner skin than adults, and premature babies’ skin is even more delicate and sensitive than that. Therefore, choosing diapers for premature babies needs to be very careful…

Choose size

Choose diaper size for premature babies

A diaper that fits well, hugs the baby’s body is very important, it ensures that when the baby moves the surface and the folds of the diaper will not hurt the delicate skin of the baby.

Premature baby’s skin is more fragile, more sensitive, more susceptible to damage and the possibility of infection after injury is also higher due to a weak immune system. A diaper that fits your baby will both help “hug” the baby’s body, and safely contact the delicate skin in every movement.

Diaper surface material

Diaper surface material should be safe for premature babies

Softness is a necessary standard for diaper material used for premature babies.

But that’s not enough, the diaper surface needs to be made of the safest material for the skin, soft and absorbent (such as natural cotton, cotton, polyester fabric, …), non-toxic.

Diapers for premature babies should limit fragrance, synthetic chemicals, … they are unnecessary and less safe for baby’s skin health.


Absorbency is also very important

The diaper’s good absorbency, anti-flow and anti-reverse properties help keep baby’s skin dry, prevent diaper rash, infection, irritation and infection on the skin.

But it should be noted that the ability to absorb is too high can cause the baby’s skin to lose moisture, so mothers should support more natural moisturizers that are safe for baby’s skin.

At the same time, diapers with high absorbency can make the mother feel that the baby’s private area is still clean and dry, the diaper is still absorbent, so it is easy to prolong the diaper change time. This is very unhygienic and unsafe for the health of the baby. The time it takes for a mother to change a new diaper for her baby is 2-4 hoursmaybe sooner if the baby urinates a lot.

Premature babies need more care and nurturing than usual. So even choosing the right diaper for your baby is an essential issue worth paying attention to.

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