You love to eat avocados and often buy them to store in the refrigerator, but you can hardly tell if the type of butter you buy is waxy or liquid. No need to worry, the following article will help you do that.

To distinguish between waxy butter and liquid butter, it is not only possible to see with the naked eye or judge through their appearance but also depends on the characteristics of each type of butter. To better understand the differences between wax butter and water butter, please continue to follow the information below.

firstHow to distinguish wax butter and water butter?

Shell and appearance

Genuine butter wax will be green, the skin is slightly lumpy, not very beautiful and appears many yellow spots. About the shape Wax avocados are round, some fruits will be a bit long.

As for water butter, the skin will be slightly pinkish brown, the skin is smoother and smoother than waxy butter, no bumps appear. The appearance of Avocados look great and they are usually bigger than waxy avocados.

Wax butter will have a green skin and a bit rough skin like thisWax butter will have a green skin and a bit rough skin like this

Avocado size

To check if it’s waxy or not, first pick up the avocado, if it feels heavy and firm, it’s definitely a waxy avocado. Since the inside will be quite firm, when gently shaken, you can hear the sound of the seeds hitting the avocado flesh.

Butter water When you hold it in your hand, it is very difficult to distinguish. However, when you pick it up, you will feel that this type of butter is not as heavy in the hand as waxed butter even though its size is bigger than butter wax.

Buttermilk is usually large in sizeButtermilk is usually large in size

Butter stalks

Another feature that you need to keep in mind when choosing to buy wax butter is to observe the avocado stem. Wax butter will have a concave stem inside and when gently pressed, it will feel soft. As for water butter, the stem is not concave inward but protrudes more outside.

The flesh of an avocado

Butter wax will have a dark yellow flesh, the more yellow the meat, the more supple. When you eat it, you will immediately feel the delicious, greasy and buttery aroma. The inner flesh of the liquid butter is pale yellow like chicken fat, feels like water is splashing in the mouth, the taste is bland and not as fatty as waxy butter.

The outer shell of the wax butter will be greenThe outer shell of the wax butter will be green

2Things to know when choosing to buy avocado

You need to prioritize Choose to buy avocados that have a small stem, the flesh right at the top of the avocado must be close together. The stalks of good avocados will be a bit dry, and if the avocado has a large, green stem, it is a young avocado. Fresh avocado will have a glossy but slightly rough skin, holding it will feel heavy. Round fruits will have very large seeds but less fibrous, long fruits have small seeds, thicker and more fibrous flesh.

The important thing you should remember is that Choose to buy avocados that are just ripe to avoid being crushed at the top of the avocado stalk. The avocado is delicious, when holding it, it will feel heavy in the hand. Alternatively, you can try by listening to the sound of the avocado seeds when shaken. If the sound is too low, it means the avocado is old, but if the sound is squeaking, the avocado is still alive at this time, do not choose to buy.

A mistake that many people often make is that after buying avocado, it is often kept in a sealed container or plastic bag, this method will make the butter ripe, ripe from the inside, when eating the meat will not be delicious. and a bit bitter. You should leave the avocado outside, it will ripen naturally, so the avocado when eaten will be much more delicious.

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3Note when eating butter

With rich nutritional content, avocado is not only very good for health but also has great beauty abilities. But that’s not why we overuse it, You should only eat about 1/2 an avocado every day It provides the necessary nutrients for the body. If you exceed this amount, your body may show symptoms of an allergy such as an itchy rash, nausea, dizziness, headache, ..

Butter is delicious but Not a dish for liver patients. Because avocado contains components such as estragole, anethole, these are compounds that make liver disease worse.

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Hopefully, the information that I have shared on the article can help you distinguish which is waxy butter and which is water butter so that you can make the right choice.

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