You love to eat fish cakes, especially calamari, but you don’t know how to brush them properly so that when cooking fish cakes are still intact, not broken apart. Let’s learn how to make tough and delicious waterfall fish.

Watermelon has a lot of nutrients, good for health, heart, and eye health. Squid is best when it is made, but it must be fresh and delicious to make fish cake.

first Ingredients for making calamari fish cake

2 How to make fish cake with waterfall

Step 1 Preliminary processing of fish

After buying, clean, use a knife from the body to the bottom of the tail fish so that the fish bones do not stick to the meat.

Then use a spoon scrape from the fish’s tail upto get the fish meat easier.

Make use of fish bones and skin to cook soup, the soup will be very sweet.

If you don’t have time, you can also buy ready-made grated fish at the market, or supermarkets to sweep.

You can put the fish in the refrigerator, after the fish is hard, remove the meat.

Preliminary processing of fishPreliminary processing of fish

Step 2 Fried fish cake

Apply a thin layer of cooking oil to the bowl to make it easy to spread, when the fish does not stick to the side of the bowl, put the grated fish in the bowl with 1 tablespoon seasoning, 1 teaspoon sugar, 1 teaspoon pepperscallions and red onions, mix all ingredients well together.

Use a spoon brush evenly the fish meat according to the rim of the bowl, in a fixed direction, with 200g of fish I will sweep within 5 – 10 minutes.

After 5-10 minutes, when you see the The fish stick to the spoonit’s already done with the fish cake.

Fishing is the most important stage, it is the decisive part to make the deliciousness and toughness of calamari.

If you do not brush it carefully, the fish cake will be very confusing when made. When cooking the fish cake will broken, fragmented, not good to eat.

Fried fish cakeFried fish cake

Step 3 Fried fish cake

If not using immediately, you can store the fish cake in the refrigerator.

Waterfall fish cakes are used in hot pot dishes, soups, or fried members to be delicious.

I really like to eat fried calamari, so I will roll it up, flatten it and fry it in a pan with medium heat, when fried it will be Non-stick pan.

Fried fish cakeFried fish cake

3 Finished Product

4 What is the best way to cook sea bream?

Bitter gourd soup with cauliflower fish cake

Bitter gourd has many good health benefits such as increasing resistance, improving vision or losing weight. Bitter gourd soup with calamari is effective for cooling on hot days. Come to the kitchen to show off your talent for this cool dish for the whole family!

Bitter gourd soup with cauliflower fish cakeBitter gourd soup with cauliflower fish cake

Waterfall fish and sour soup

Waterfall fish cake sour soup with a delicious, attractive taste with chewy fish cake and sweet and sour soup, served with braised fish and rice is great. With the sour fish soup with calamari, you should enjoy it while it’s still hot.

Waterfall fish and sour soupWaterfall fish and sour soup

Watermelon fish cake wrapped with fruit and vegetables

Fried calamari wrapped with vegetables and fruits is a nutritious dish, especially the crispy patty, the chewy fish taste, the sweet and fragrant vegetable taste, this is also one of the dishes that the children love.

Watermelon fish cake wrapped with fruit and vegetablesWatermelon fish cake wrapped with fruit and vegetables

Zucchini rolls steamed fish with coconut water

The dish of zucchini rolled with scad fish steamed in frugal coconut water is an extremely delicious dish with the delicious sweet and supple meat of strabismus. This is also a suitable dish to treat guests because of its beauty and attractiveness!

Zucchini rolls steamed fish with coconut waterZucchini rolls steamed fish with coconut water

The calamari is chewy, extremely delicious, and the way to make it is quite simple. Hopefully with your sharing, you already know how to brush strabismus to make delicious fish cakes for family meals. Good luck with this recipe.

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