Just as you might have finished changing diapers on your two year old, believe it or not…perimenopause symptoms can start to wreak havoc on your busy life.  Perimenopause is actually  “the change before the change” that starts to slowly emerge around age 35.   However,the symptoms can fly “under the radar” for years and wreak havoc on your body, mind and spirit unless you’re armed with information from other women who have gone through a similar experience. Major note to self:  Arm yourself with info because many physicians are out of the loop on what it takes to manage symptoms and achieve a higher level of well-being.

The reason is that the symptoms are associated with being stressed out, anxious or just plain busy with a young, growing family or, as is possible at any time in a woman’s life, perhaps divorce or the loss of elderly parents.  Pre-menopause symptoms are physiologically and emotionally associated with hormone imbalances that occur in the ten or so years before menopause.

It’s time to have the 2nd talk – a conversation about how our bodies change with age and what to expect just when you’ve declared you’re “done” having kids!

Join me on Monday, October 8th at 10 pm here with Mamavation, a vibrant on-line community of moms committed to healthy lifestyle change.

I was invited to speak with Lena Burkut, host and producer of Mamavation on Mingle Media TV/webchat that airs on Monday on Mingle TV(internet TV network) 10-11 PM ET.

This week’s Mamavation TV show is about education and learning what we need to know now before the menopause knocks on our doors.