Referring to the famous beer brands in the Vietnamese beer market today, it is impossible not to mention Tiger beer. So how many types of Tiger beer, alcohol content and price of each type. Find out in the article below.

Tiger Beer is a brand from Singapore. With 82 years of development history, Tiger beer is now present in 60 countries around the world. The image of Tiger beer has gradually won the hearts of many people because of its unique and delicious taste, which is difficult to find in other beers.

However, Tiger beer currently only has 2 types: Brown Tiger and Silver Tiger.

firstBrown Tiger Beer

Launched in 1932, Tiger is an internationally renowned beer for its taste and quality. Each beer is experienced a Strict production processtake more than 500 hours and using only the finest quality ingredients from Australia and Europe. The result will be beer bottles with Rich, unique flavor.

Brown Tiger Beer is one of the most popular and consumed beers in the Southern region, Tiger beer is available in almost every restaurant and pub.

Brown Tiger Beer has alcohol concentration To be: 5%

The current price of 1 barrel of brown Tiger beer is about: VND 320,000

Brown Tiger BeerBrown Tiger Beer

2Tiger Crystal Beer (Silver Tiger)

Tiger Crystal beer is one of the product lines of Tiger beer, not only Elegant design, mellow taste gives the user a feeling of well-being.

Tiger Crystal is produced from an extremely unique cold fermentation technology called Cold Suspension.

Each line of beer is refined with Crystal Cold deep cooling technique so that the beer will not be mixed with any other yeast during the aging process while preserving its characteristic aroma and excellent taste.

With ingredients from barley, hops and cereals makes the taste of Tiger Crystal very smooth and rich, the alcohol content is not too high, helping the fun to be prolonged, cool and refreshing, different from other beer brands.

Silver Tiger Beer has alcohol concentration To be: 4.6%

The current price of 1 barrel of Tiger Crystal beer is about: VND 355,000

Tiger Crystal Beer (Silver Tiger)Tiger Crystal Beer (Silver Tiger)

Brown Tiger Beer and Tiger Crystal are among the top favorite beers in Vietnam. Try using it to get the refreshing feeling that the product brings.

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