Drinking a lot of alcohol but being forced to drive home is both dangerous and easy to violate traffic laws. Therefore, many people have sought to reduce the alcohol concentration in their breath to bypass the alcohol meter. But are those methods effective?

Drivers tell each other how to reduce the alcohol concentration in their breath such as using mouth spray, smoking to mask the smell of alcohol, sucking on coins, etc. However, with today’s science and technology, these tips completely difficult to see through the eyes of the concentration meter.

The ways to reduce the alcohol concentration in the breath are just moonlight deceivingThe ways to reduce the alcohol concentration in the breath are just moonlight deceiving

firstUse mouth spray, eat sour candy

In fact, mouthwashes like gum, mints or mouth spray can mask the smell of alcohol. Sour gum works best at dealing with the smell of alcohol. In addition, it stimulates saliva production, which helps wash away acids, bacteria, and odor-causing particles in the mouth.

However, the above substances cannot change the amount of alcohol in the breath pushed up from the lungs. This solution only temporarily removes the smell of alcohol and the alcohol content is still present.

2Smoking cigarettes to hide the alcohol vapors

Drivers often mistakenly think that cigarette smoke will drive away the smell of alcohol, and the police will not be able to find out the alcohol content to make a report.

But actually quite the opposite, This way can also increase the alcohol index. Because cigarettes when burned will produce acetal dehyde gas, this is the substance that the meter determines the concentration of alcohol in the blood. Therefore, smoking not only damages your health but also makes you faster to sign the alcohol violation report.

3Hold the coin to pass the blower

Drivers say that the amount of copper in the coin will neutralize the alcohol in the breath. But the alcohol molecules come from deep in the lungs, so this won’t work.

4Breathe fast, hold your breath or exercise vigorously before blowing

Research by Linköping University, Sweden shows that vigorous exercise or rapid breathing for about 20 seconds right before the correct test can reduce the readings by 10%. However, this method can make the operator dizzy due to lack of oxygen and unable to pass other drunkenness tests.

Surely the police will be suspicious when they see you acting weird before the test. The above study also showed that Holding your breath for 30 seconds before blowing into the machine can increase the readings by 15.7%.

5Blow gently, do not blow into the machine or back into the lungs

Many people believe that when blowing lightly or inhaling back into the lungs, it will avoid detecting the alcohol concentration in the blood. At this time, the amount of air passing through the machine will be clean air. The meter will give normal results and you will exit the test quickly.

Truth, All of these methods will not work because the gauges used by the police are equipped with pressure sensors that can detect movement of the airflow.. When there are not enough samples, the meter will not give a result. And signing the violation record is the next thing that the driver does after applying the above ways.

6Brush teeth, rinse mouth before driving

There are many people who believe that brushing their teeth and rinsing their mouth thoroughly after drinking a lot of alcohol will significantly reduce the indicator of the meter. But in reality, the amount of alcohol removed after brushing is really only very little.

The breath entering the meter is also taken from the lungs, not the oral cavity. Not to mention that some toothpastes contain alcohol as will cause the opposite effect.

In addition to the ways above, many people have tried more creative methods such as eating toilet paper or chewing on their shirt to reduce the blood alcohol level, but unfortunately, it has not worked. They even think that coffee and carbonated drinks like Coca, Pepsi can lose alcohol quickly. However, consuming stimulants with caffeine, a lot of sugar only helps to be a little more alert, but still does not reduce the alcohol concentration.

7The best way to avoid being fined for breaking traffic laws:

– The best and safest way is to call a motorbike taxi, taxi or family member to pick you up after drinking.

– If you must drive, you should sit for about 2 hours or take a short nap before driving to lower your blood alcohol level.

– You can use drugs to help you stop drinking. During this time, you should drink a lot of water to reduce the blood alcohol concentration, work to break down alcohol faster.

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Because of the nature of work, you must drink a lot of alcohol, but do not forget to prioritize your health first. Always remember that if you drink alcohol, do not drive to protect your own safety and that of others.