No need to go to a shop, but you can make it at home with an extremely simple way to cook ginseng that I will guide below.

Ginseng tonic is a very familiar tea with Vietnamese people. Not only delicious, this dish also has many health benefits thanks to precious herbs such as longan, jujube, lotus seeds, bo bo,… spirit, reducing the body’s reverse and helping to sleep better. It looks like a lot of ingredients, but the way to cook this dish is extremely simple.

See detailed instructions on how to cook ginseng in the clip here.

firstIngredients for making ginseng tonic

Ingredients for making ginseng tonicIngredients for making ginseng tonic

Good tip:
– With this portion of ingredients can be enough for 5-6 people to eat, all the ingredients are You can buy it at any drugstore or grocery store dry ingredients are available.
– Alum sugar can also be used, but rock sugar will give ginseng juice Sweeter, more pleasant taste. As for lotus seeds, you can use dried lotus seeds or fresh compliment seeds, but dried lotus seeds will taste better.

2How to cook nutritious ginseng

Step 1 Process materials

Process materialsProcess materials

Firstly Put the ear in warm water to soak for about 10 minutes Then take it out and wash it many times with cold water to clean it and not have a fishy smell and then let it dry.

My jujube is also soaked in warm water for 10 minutes Let it bloom, then take it out, wash it several times and let it dry.

Similar Wash the lotus seeds and then soak them in warm water for about 5 minutesif If you have dried lotus seeds, you can soak them for about 15 minutes longerHere, I use fresh lotus seeds, so I only soak for 5 minutes.

Separately, bo bo and longan are washed and dried. especially the hummus, you should wash it thoroughly because it often has pigtails attached to it.

Peel and halve the tubers, or you can also buy pre-peeled ones from the supermarket.

Step 2 Soak in humiliation

First, put in a large bowl about 2 liters of filtered water, then Add longan and 250g of rock sugar to soak for about 30 minutes. Doing it this way helps the longan to soak up the sugar, which is delicious and especially crunchy.

Cooking ginseng tonicCooking ginseng tonic

Step 3 Boiling ingredients

While waiting for the longan to absorb the sugar, put a pot on the stove and add water to it Boil bo bo, boil it for about 20 minutes and the bo bo will be softwill give more now Lotus seeds, lotus roots and tapioca roots boil for about 15 minutes Also, when you see the lotus seeds crack, it’s fine.

Boiled lotus seedsBoiled lotus seeds

Then turn off the stove and pour into a sieve, taking only the female part. Because it’s at home, I don’t cook each ingredient separately, but will cook together, and if you like, you can still cook and take out each ingredient separately.

Step 4 Soak in humiliation

Soak in humiliationSoak in humiliation

Soak longan humiliation for 30 minutes, then take it out, the rest of the water is filtered through the rails so that the water is clear, there are no dead pigs because this part of the water will be used to cook the ginseng broth.

Step 5 Cooking ginseng tonic

Now I will put the pot on the stove, add the water soaked in longan and jujube Cook for about 15 minutes until the jujube is tender.

Cook the water soaked in longan and jujube Cook the water soaked in longan and jujube

Next, add about 1/2 teaspoon of salt to suppress the sweetness of ginseng juice. When salt is added, the ginseng water will make the ginseng water taste sweet, not harsh.

Cooking ginseng tonicCooking ginseng tonic

Finally, in turn, add the ingredients such as: bo bo, lotus root, lotus seeds, tapioca root, universal ear and longan, cook for another 5 minutes and then turn off the stove.

Step 6 Finished product

Finished productFinished product

Thus, the tonic ginseng dish has been completed, take out a glass to cool and enjoy.


Flavored GinsengNot as sweet as other teas, but with a light sweetness from the ingredients such as from jujube, longan, lotus seeds, …. mixed in alum sugar water.

This dish can be eaten hot or cold, depending on the taste of each person.


The way to cook a nutritious ginseng dish is extremely simple, isn’t it? At the weekend, let’s go to the kitchen and make the whole family enjoy this cool and nutritious tea.