What to eat on the weekend is no longer a concern thanks to the suggestions in this article. Check it out for ideas for a cozy weekend meal!

A delicious and attractive meal with braised snakehead fish with Southern taste, combined with fresh potato yams soup and nutritious stir-fried beef with natural flowers will help the whole family recharge after a week of work. Dessert is a nutritious and refreshing fruit yogurt for the whole family to use forever.

firstBraised snakehead fish

Braised snakehead fishBraised snakehead fish

Snakehead fish is a familiar fish in daily meals and has many unexpected health benefits. Braised snakehead fish is a rustic dish but never becomes boring because of its rich taste and attractive aroma that goes well with white rice.

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2fresh shrimp yam

Yams are a food that is both nutritious and easy to buy. Besides, fresh shrimp yam soup is a very quick and easy dish to make, you will not have to spend much time because of it. It’s ideal for you to have more time with your family, isn’t it!

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3Stir-fried beef with Thien Ly flower

Stir-fried beef with Thien Ly flower is a dish that is not only delicious but also meets the criteria of both vegetables and meat, full of nutrients in one dish. The fragrant, crunchy flowers of Thien Ly combined with the rich sweetness of beef in this stir-fried beef with Thien Ly flowers make the family meal more attractive and cozy.

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4Fruit yogurt

The eye-catching fruit yogurt bottles are both delicious and beautiful, but the way to make is extremely simple. Yogurt combined with fresh fruit jam makes this dessert deliciously sweet and full of fruit, suitable for all to enjoy.

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So you have a suggestion for this weekend’s dinner plate. After a hard working week, take some time to cook a delicious and nutritious meal for your whole family. Wish you have a warm weekend meal with your family!