Many women know the benefits of weight loss from grapefruit juice, but do not know when to drink grapefruit juice to help lose weight effectively and safely. The article below will give you the best answer.

According to nutritionists, grapefruit juice provides especially rich vitamin C for the body, about 600% of daily vitamin C needs. Grapefruit juice is made from fresh and sweet grapefruit cloves, providing abundant Vitamin A and Vitamin C, providing an abundant source of energy and resistance to the body.

If you maintain a regular diet of grapefruit juice, it will not only help you to have smooth, healthy skin but also have the slim body many people dream of.

firstWeight loss effects of grapefruit juice

Benefits of grapefruit for weight loss

Grapefruit helps curb appetite

If you are overweight but always feel hungry, try drinking grapefruit juice, drinking grapefruit juice will make you feel full for a long time because grapefruit is high in fiber, At the same time, grapefruit juice helps to digest food quickly, avoiding fat accumulation, causing the risk of overweight and obesity.

Low calorie content in grapefruit

The amount of calories in grapefruit is very low, so it has a fast weight loss effect and at the same time you combine a reasonable diet and exercise, the weight loss effect will be very high.

Grapefruit lowers insulin levels

Low insulin levels will help the body store the necessary energy and burn excess fat, especially fat in the abdomen, which one of the foods that help reduce insulin in the blood quickly is grapefruit juice. That’s why many people choose to drink grapefruit juice to lose weight.

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2When to drink grapefruit juice to lose weight?

When to drink grapefruit juice to lose weight

You should drink grapefruit juice every day before and after eating 3 main meals during the day to increase the effectiveness of weight loss.

  • About 30 minutes before each meal: you should drink grapefruit juice. Drink grapefruit juice at this time so that the substances in grapefruit reduce insulin production, create a feeling of fullness so that when you go to a meal, you cannot load much food into your body, helping you control the amount of food each day. meal.
  • After each meal about 15 minutes: you should eat 1 grapefruit. The enzymes and acids in grapefruit help the body metabolize food better, help the stomach digest food faster, neutralize the fats in food and help limit the accumulation of body fat.

Note: Do not drink grapefruit juice with sugar and limit starch, sugar, and fat in your daily menu.

3How to make grapefruit juice for weight loss

The high content of vitamin A and vitamin C in grapefruit is considered a panacea to help protect women’s skin, maintain moisture and reduce acne.

Besides, nutrients such as acid, natural carbohydrates, fiber and protein in each grapefruit will help you burn fat quickly and effectively, keeping your youthful figure forever.

Ingredients for making grapefruit juice

How to make grapefruit juice

Step 1 Peel grapefruit

Bitter grapefruit juice comes from two reasons: using a young grapefruit or not removing the peels around the grapefruit. Therefore, you need to pay attention to preliminary processing at this stage.

Step 2 Grapefruit juice

Put pomelo meat in a bowl, add a little granulated sugar, stir to evenly coat the grapefruit. This way helps grapefruit sweet, not bitter, juice has a beautiful color.

Should Limit adding sugar to grapefruit juice the weight loss effect will be higher. Or you can replace sugar with honey!

Put the pre-prepared pomelo into the machine and squeeze to get the juice. Normally, you would use green grapefruit, but if you want a glass of juice with a sweet pink color, you can choose pink grapefruit.

Step 3 Enjoy grapefruit juice without bitterness

Pour the juice into a glass and use immediately, if you like to drink it cold, you can add ice, you can increase or decrease the amount of sugar water to suit your taste. Then, stir well, add ice cubes and enjoy. Can be decorated with basil leaves for a beautiful drink.

Note when drinking grapefruit juice to lose weight

When to drink grapefruit juice to lose weight

  • When hungry, do not eat or drink grapefruit juice because grapefruit also contains acid that will damage the stomach.
  • Do not eat grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice after taking antibiotics because it reduces the ability to absorb antibiotics into the body.
  • People with diarrhea should not use grapefruit juice because grapefruit has welding properties.
  • When taking birth control pills, you should not eat grapefruit or use grapefruit juice.
  • While taking statins, lovastatin, simvastatin, you should not use grapefruit because it can cause kidney disease, liver damage, etc.

The weight loss effect of grapefruit juice is always recognized, but it must be taken at the right time for grapefruit juice to fully work. Check out our other articles for safe and effective weight loss!

Source: Youth Newspaper