Clothes are always a passion of almost every girl. No matter how many clothes you have, you still feel inadequate. So what is the reason you buy a lot of clothes but still find nothing to wear, please refer to the article!

Clothes are always on women’s shopping list every time they walk down the street. It is not only a beauty need, but sometimes also a habit of some girls. When you put on a beautiful outfit, you will also feel more confident. Despite having so many clothes, the girls still found nothing to wear. And there are many reasons for that “dressing crisis”.

firstMessy, unscientific wardrobe

According to fashion experts, this is the top culprit.

“At 7 a.m. every day, when the alarm clock goes off, I wake up, roll over in bed and quickly go to the wardrobe, ready to go to work. However, when I open the wardrobe, I gave up. I didn’t like all the clothes I had. I felt like I had nothing to wear”… This is the story of Who What Wear editor Aemilia Madden tells.

Have you heard this story somewhere before? Or did it just happen to you this morning? And perhaps this is also the eternal story of many girls.

According to Lili Petit, founder of Clutter Healing, “the feeling of having nothing to wear often comes from a cluttered wardrobe. We usually only wear 20% of the clothes we own and those are the items. which is easy to see when opening the cabinet”.

Indeed, when opening the closet, we will often look around and often choose the clothes that appear in front of our eyes, but rarely look for the “bad” ones that are buried, especially when late for work, late for school, … Therefore, we will see that today’s clothes are so few, but in reality, that is not the case.

The reason you buy a lot of clothes but still find nothing to wear

In addition, we often have the habit of keeping old clothes that can no longer be used. So, of course, your wardrobe is no different from a “storage” full of both old items that are no longer worn and newly purchased items.

2Shopping without purpose

Every time they go down the street, the girls will think that they are only going for fun, but as a result, after each stop at fashion stores, they leave with countless clothes without knowing when they will wear it.

The reason you buy a lot of clothes but still find nothing to wear

And of course, they feel there is nothing to wear because they have never given it the right attention in shopping.

3Bought a lot but don’t know how to choose

The reason you buy a lot of clothes but still find nothing to wear

When there is a fashion “maze” in front of you, not everyone knows how to choose the right outfit for them. Maybe that’s why no matter how much you buy, you still feel the lack of good clothes is obvious.

4Pursuing too many role models

The reason you buy a lot of clothes but still find nothing to wear

When you love a certain star or a supermodel,… then you always tend to choose clothes according to that person’s model. That’s okay, but if we choose too many and everyone wants to follow, the wardrobe will have to “stun” with dizzying changes. And how do you adapt to your own preferences? Therefore, having nothing to wear is also not strange.

5Deadlock in the combination

The reason you buy a lot of clothes but still find nothing to wear

In contrast to the believers who dress well, many people only know how to buy but not sure how to combine them beautifully. You always wonder why she wears a simple but beautiful T-shirt, but I don’t wear it? Then you need to review the layout! At that time, even if you have few clothes, when you know how to combine them, you will have many options to wear every day.

To get rid of the feeling of having nothing to wear, you need to note the following:

– Clear out your wardrobe and organize everything neatly (can be sorted by type, color and season).

– Fold and hang everything in a certain order to ensure that when you open the cabinet, you can see everything you have.

– When shopping, if you are a person who does not have good taste, you should ask a friend with aesthetic eyes to advise or accompany.

– If you don’t know how to coordinate, buy things in “sets” like on fashion websites and wear them.

Hopefully through the article you can clearly understand the reason that you are having and try to overcome it so that every day you do not have to have the headache of “What to wear today?”, “Nothing to wear” okay!

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