Vietnam is one of the top annual consuming countries of instant noodles in the world. Let’s find out the most popular delicious noodles in Vietnam in the article below. At Bach Khoa XANH, we sell all kinds of instant noodles at the best price and best quality in the market

In 2014, Vietnam ranked second in terms of the amount of instant noodles used, on average each Vietnamese consumed about 55 packs of noodles per year. This is also the reason why instant noodle companies from all over the world flock to invest strongly. Below will list the most popular types of instant noodles in our country today.

firstHao Hao noodle

When it comes to instant noodles, perhaps no one doesn’t know Hao Hao noodles. The king of instant noodles is always at the top of the domestic noodle market for 19 years since debut year 2000. This is one of the key products of Acecook Vietnam Group.

Hot and sour Hao Hao noodles are not only especially popular because of their delicious sour taste but also because of the quality produced by Japanese technology and international processes, fully meeting 5 strict food standards. like: HACCP, BRC, IFS Food,…

The most popular Hao Hao noodles today are Spicy and Sour Shrimp Noodles, Needle Mushroom Chicken, Spicy Onion Satay, Fried Garlic Pork Ribs,… with prices ranging around approx. 4,300 VND.

Hao Hao noodleHao Hao noodle

Box of 30 packs of Hao Hao noodles with spicy and sour shrimp 75g: Price is about 118,000 VND

Hao Hao noodles with spicy and sour shrimp flavor 75g: Price is about 4,300 VND

2MILIKET . Noodles

Wrapping paper noodles with two shrimps in the packaging is an image that is too familiar to many people’s childhood, also known as Legendary instant noodles. This is a very old Vietnamese noodle brand (since 1975) owned by Colusa Food and Food Joint Stock Company – Miliket.

Miliket noodles are so popular because of their small, chewy and fragrant noodles, when fried or cooked, they are not broken and especially the price is among the cheapest at about approx. 3,500 VND.

Not only successful in the domestic market, Miliket has also are exported to many big countries in the world as: France, Australia, Germany, Russia, USA,…

MILIKET . NoodlesMILIKET . Noodles

Special shrimp noodles Miliket yellow paper package 65gPrice: about 3,500 VND

Box of 100 special noodles Miliket yellow paper 65g: Price is about 314,000 VND

33 domain noodles

3-domain noodles is a brand of pure Vietnamese instant noodles from Viet Hung Food Industry Co., Ltd (from 2014 renamed to UNIBEN Company), 3-domain noodles are increasingly proving their strong position in the market. Vietnam instant noodles market as the leading name in the domestic instant noodle market in 2017.

The spicy and sour 3 regions noodles not only have a delicious taste but also ensure the elements of nutrition, safety and hygiene in the stage of importing raw materials until processing as well as a pretty good price of about 3,500 VND.

3 domain noodles3 domain noodles

Box of 30 noodles 3 Mien spicy and sour shrimp 65gPrice: about 89,000 VND

Noodles 3 Mien spicy and sour shrimp pack 65gPrice: about 3,500 VND

4Omachi Noodles

Omachi brand is also considered the trump card of Massan. Known as a type of noodle made from potatoeshelp Don’t get hot when eating. This has hit the trust of customers because it helped them solve the worry of eating instant noodles causing heat in their body.

Omachi also made a mark as one of the first noodle brands Use seasonings instead of powder. The price of this noodle is slightly higher than that of regular shrimp noodles about 9,000 VND.

Omachi NoodlesOmachi Noodles

Box of 30 packs of Omachi potato noodles with stewed beef sauce 80gPrice: about 252,000 VND

Lot of 5 packs of Omachi potato noodles with stewed beef sauce 80gPrice: about 44,000 VND

Omachi potato noodles with stewed beef sauce 80g pack: Price is about 9,000 VND

5First Noodles

This is also a brand of noodles from Acecook Vietnam, appearing on the market not long but enough to win the hearts of users.

De Nhat noodles are popular because in the noodles there is a combination of Traditional flour with cool mung bean essenceincrease the nutritional content of the package of noodles.

The product is priced around 8,000 VND With the most typical flavor is Minced Meat, in addition, you can enjoy other products: such as chicken noodle soup, beef noodle soup, clam noodle soup, mixed pho, etc.

First NoodlesFirst Noodles

De Nhat Noodles with minced meat, pack 82g: Price is about 8,000 VND

Box of 30 packages of De Nhat noodles with minced meat 82g: Price is about 214,000 VND

6Hot pot noodles

If you like flavored noodles Sour and spicy like Thai hot potSurely you will not be able to ignore this special noodle from Acecook company.

The product has only shrimp flavor, this noodle line is popular because the taste is not inferior to the Thai hot pot that has been modified to better suit the taste of most Vietnamese consumers.

Thai hot pot noodles cost about 8,000 VNDand are sold a lot in supermarkets, grocery stores.

Hot pot noodlesHot pot noodles

Thai Hot Pot Noodles with shrimp 80g package: Price is about 8,000 VND

Box of 30 packages of Thai hot pot noodles with shrimp 80g: Price is about 214,000 VND

7Kokomi noodles

Also a noodle brand from the parent company Massan, Kokomi instant noodles has its own charm in Japan Delicious chewy noodles and attractive spicy and sour spices. With modern technology and strict supervision and inspection in every stage from raw material selection to processing and packaging, to ensure that the product does not contain any harmful chemicals or preservatives. Consumers are completely assured of health issues.

The flavors of this noodle are also quite diverse, including: Spicy and sour shrimp, Roasted chicken satay with onion sauce, Beef stewed with herbs, … with prices ranging from 4,400 VND.

Kokomi noodlesKokomi noodles

Kokomi noodles 90 spicy and sour shrimp pack 90g: Price is about 4,400 VND

Box of 30 packs of Kokomi noodles 90 spicy shrimp 90gPrice: about 128,000 VND

8Korean Spicy Noodles

Noodles are one of the typical dishes of Korean cuisine. Depending on the locality and the needs of the user, different types of noodles are processed with different flavors.

In general, all kinds of noodles from Korea have chewy round noodles, larger in size than Vietnamese noodles. The special feature of Korean noodles is the aroma Spicy of chili, mild aroma from vegetables and sweet taste.

Korean spicy noodles are quite expensive, ranging from 20,000 – 30,000 VND.

Korean Spicy NoodlesKorean Spicy Noodles

Samyang Spicy Chicken Dry Noodles 140g pack: Price is about 29,600 VND

Samyang Spicy Chicken Noodles pack 145g: Price is about 33,800 VND

Samyang Sutah Ramen Spicy Beef Noodles 120g gói: The price is about 25,600 VND

Samyang Spicy Chicken Noodles with Cheese Flavor 140g: Price is about 32,800 VND

Samyang Extra Spicy Chicken Noodles 140g pack: Price is about 32,800 VND

Of the above types of instant noodles, how many have you enjoyed? Because of the huge annual consumption, more companies invest, the noodle market in our country is increasingly diversified. In addition to the above brands, there are still famous noodle brands that are equally delicious such as aone, Vifon,…experience it yourself!