Cloth masks are often used daily to protect the body from environmental pollutants and disease-causing viruses. See how to wear a cloth mask correctly in the following article.

According to medical experts, cloth masks and medical masks both have the effect of preventing viruses, dust, etc., it is important to wear them properly. The correct use of a mask will help prevent large droplets of saliva from splashing out.

firstCover both nose and mouth

To ensure that the mask can cover the nose, mouth, and fit the face to limit dust particles and bacteria entering the body through the respiratory tract. You should choose a type with a frame that will help hug your nose when worn, which will provide a higher protection effect.

2Do not touch the surface of the mask while wearing it

While wearing the mask, avoid touching the front of the mask with your hands. Touching your hands and even editing masks will inadvertently make your hands infected with viruses and other pathogens, then transmit the disease to yourself and those around you.

3Remove the mask properly

When taking off the mask Just hold the ear strap to remove. If you wear it the wrong way, the risk of infection will be higher when you don’t wear it, according to former deputy director of the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health Le Truong Giang.

“The majority of people now put it on and then take it off, touch the mask and then put it back on, and so on many times. Therefore, it is necessary to provide extensive information so that people can understand and decide on their own protections”, Mr. Giang pointed out the mistake.

Besides, you also need to choose quality and reputable masks such as Wakamono masks, … to ensure health.

4Avoid touching the surface of the mask with the handle to remove it

When removing the mask, only hold the ear strap. Never hold the mask to remove it. The habit of touching the face of the mask when taking it off with your hands will infect your hands with bacteria and other pathogens.

5Wash your hands immediately after removing the mask

One point to note is that you should wash your hands immediately after removing the mask to ensure that bacteria are not transmitted through your hands.

6Daily mask cleaning

Unlike medical masks, cloth masks can be reused many times to save costs. A small suggestion is that you wash the mask daily with soap, dry it to reuse it next time.

In addition to wearing a mask to protect your body, you need to regularly wash your hands with soap, wash your hands regularly, and sanitize items and tools to prevent viruses from entering the body.

The Ministry of Health instructs how to wear a cloth mask to prevent the virus The Ministry of Health instructs how to wear a cloth mask to prevent the virus

With the above sharing, I am sure that you already know how to use cloth masks in the best way, to help protect your health and safety. Please read and share this information with your loved ones today to fight diseases and epidemics together. In addition, you can refer to tips on wearing effective medical masks to protect yourself!