Gestational diabetes makes pregnant women more susceptible to many health consequences and complications for mother and baby after birth. Therefore, nutrition is very important to balance blood sugar. So what menu for pregnant women with gestational diabetes should pay attention to?

Gestational diabetes is the phenomenon of high blood sugar during pregnancy in women before it was completely normal, usually encountered from 24 to 28 weeks of pregnancy. The main foundation for the treatment of this condition is to have gestational diabetes. Scientific, balanced diet to regulate and stabilize blood sugar.

firstDo not eat too much starch and sugar

Pregnant women should not eat too much powdered sugarPregnant women should not eat too much powdered sugar

Carbohydrates will be the main cause of high blood sugar. Pregnant women with gestational diabetes It is necessary to minimize the amount of carbohydrates that are tolerated by the body, at 50-60% of the normal body’s needs.

Encourage to eat whole grains, brown rice, green vegetables, low-sweet fruits. Should limit white rice, glutinous rice, refined grains (such as flour, tapioca …) and some sweet fruits (such as jackfruit, durian, longan, grapes…).

2Break down 3 main meals of the day into 6 main meals – snacks

Pregnant women should divide meals

6 meals including main and side here should be understood as 3 main meals divided, in which 3 main meals with the amount of food reduced and supplemented by 3 snacks, rather than the usual 3 main meals and 3 extra snacks.

The meal sharing will help reduce the amount of starch, reduce the amount of energy tolerated 1 time in 1 meal, This will help keep your blood sugar from going too high and not going too low. 3 snacks will help pregnant women supplement the necessary nutrition and energy.

3Balance between energy and nutrients

Pregnant women should balance between meals

For breakfast, when the mother does not need too much energy, she can use foods containing many nutrients and limiting empty energy such as whole grains (black bread, whole grain oats…) combined with milk, fresh fruit…

With lunches and dinners, you can combine foods according to your preferences, but still ensure the principle Limit powdered sugar, balance between energy and nutrition.

Some menus for pregnant women with diabetes that are very popular with pregnant women in the same situation are the combination of eating a little rice with fruit salad, vegetables, salmon salad …

The key is Limit energy, starch but must ensure enough nutrition for healthy pregnant women and healthy fetuses.

It is recommended that pregnant women with gestational diabetes should receive advice from a nutritionist and have regular gestational health checkups.

4Suggested menu for pregnant women with gestational diabetes

For breakfast:

– Rice or drinks from brown rice, eggs and fresh vegetables. Can be refreshed with whole grains, vermicelli noodles made from brown rice with beef.

– Snack around 9 o’clock, drink fresh milk without sugar, brown rice milk or red beans, brown lotus seeds…

For lunch:

– A little white rice or 1 cup of brown rice with red meat, eggs and vegetables. Can be combined according to taste.

– Snack for 3pm can be light with brown rice cake or black sesame, nuts such as walnuts, almonds, a jar of unsweetened yogurt and a little fruit, or 1 cup of salad.

For dinner:

– Can eat according to taste like lunch with the mother’s favorite dishes according to the principle of low energy. After a dessert with grapefruit or avocado.

– Snack before bedtime, around 9pm is 1 glass of fresh milk without sugar or herbal milk, nut milk.

Diet is very important to stabilize blood sugar for pregnant women with gestational diabetes. To have a safe and healthy pregnancy, the menu for pregnant women with gestational diabetes should therefore be very attentive and thorough.

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