If mothers have been learning about foods that are beneficial for pregnancy such as legumes, green vegetables and fruits, milk, … then be careful not to miss dried red apples? A food rich in nutrients and beneficial for pregnant women and babies! See if dried red apple has any effect for mother and baby…

firstNutritional value of dried red apple

Red apples have heat-retaining properties, rich in nutrients such as: protein, lipid, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron, many vitamins (A, C, B1, B2, carotene…).

It is not only a tonic to cure many diseases related to spleen, stomach, nerves … but also quite delicious, suitable for many people’s preferences.

Eating red apples and dried red apples every day scientifically will bring many health and beauty benefits to users.

Red apple is a nutritious food

2Benefits that pregnant women receive from dried red apples

Skin beauty

Any pregnant women who are depressed because of their skin tone due to pregnancy, why not try to improve it with dried red apples!

The rich amount of vitamins C and E in red apple is good for women’s skinit will help the pregnant mother’s skin to be brighter and fight the formation of melasma.

Dried red apples will help pregnant women's skin be brighter

Treat low blood pressure

Low blood pressure is a common condition that pregnant women cause headaches, dizziness, fatigue… Try to improve this situation with a dish of dried red apple stewed with chicken, it will be quite effective.

Pregnant women with low blood pressure should try dried jujube

Pregnant women with low blood pressure should try dried jujube

Good for blood

Anemia often happens to pregnant mothers who pay little attention to pregnancy nutrition, it not only affects the mother’s health but also adversely affects the development of the fetus, especially the baby’s brain.

If any pregnant mother is experiencing anemia and vitamin deficiency, she can immediately use dried red apples from now on Strengthening nutritional deficiencies for the body and the baby.

Dishes from dried red apples will be a blood tonic for pregnant women

Dishes from dried red apples will be a blood tonic for pregnant women

Liver supplement

Eating 1 dried red apple a day will help pregnant women strengthen the liver’s ability to function and cure hepatitis.

Prevent constipation

Diet and hormone changes make the digestive system of pregnant women work poorly, easily leading to constipation.

Dried jujube contains chlorogenic acid, which promotes the removal of oxalic acid from the body and normalizes the functioning of the liver, stomach, intestines and digestive glands in general.

Therefore, pregnant women eating dried red apples not only helps prevent constipation but also increases appetite.

Prevent colds

The resistance of pregnant women often weakens during pregnancy. Having a cold therefore not only affects the mother’s health, but when the mother needs to limit medication (for fear of harm to the fetus), the treatment will be more difficult and longer.

Dried jujube according to Oriental medicine doctors, pregnant mothers eating regularly will have the effect of preventing and treating colds.

To beat a cold, try using dried red apple

To beat a cold, try using dried red apple

Benefits for the baby

Strengthen resistance

An Indian study has shown that when pregnant women regularly eat dried red apples during pregnancy, the baby will be born reduce the risk of asthma.

Dried red apples not only increase the resistance of the mother, but also the fetus in the womb.

Prevention of allergies in babies after birth

Scientists from the American Institute of Health have studied and proven that the antioxidants in red apples not only help Boosting immunity in pregnant mothers but also a premise for the health of the fetus.

It is recommended that pregnant mothers eat red apples regularly to help babies born with less allergies than other children.

Dried red apples also help the baby in the belly strengthen more resistance

Dried red apples also help the baby in the belly strengthen more resistance

3What should mother pay attention to when eating dried red apples?

Although good, pregnant women should note that eating too much dried red apple will easily cause bloating and indigestion.

– Do not use red apples laced with too much sugar if you do not want to gain a lot of weight and have a full stomach.

If any mother has not tried dried red apple or has doubts about its safety for pregnancy health, hope to receive the necessary information for herself from the article!

Source: Vinmec

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