Perilla leaves are a kind of rustic leaves but have very good effects for babies, let’s find out in detail in the article below.

Known as a side vegetable, an indispensable spice in some delicious dishes, in countries such as Korea, Japan, China, .. perilla leaves are used in daily meals as a Good medicinal taste, in addition to great benefits for health and beauty in adults, perilla leaves are also benign and very suitable for use in babies, passed on by mothers and widely applied.

firstReduce fever for children

Reduce fever with perilla leavesReduce fever with perilla leaves

In newborns, there is often a mild fever after receiving some vaccines, which makes mothers worry,Perilla has the effect of spreading cold and making children sweat a lot to eliminate toxinseffectively reducing fever symptoms in children is commonly used by mothers.

For breastfed babies: Crush 10 washed perilla leaves, get the juice, and then drink it directly or you can eat it with perilla leaves in meals, then breastfeed or take the juice for your baby to drink directly.

For formula-fed babies: Crush 10 perilla leaves to get the juice mixed with a little warm water for your baby to drink, about half a teaspoon each time, 3 times a day.

Small note: When mothers use perilla leaves to lower their baby’s fever, they should wear comfortable, cool clothes that are easy to absorb sweat, as well as regularly use soft and warm towels to wipe the baby’s body, helping the baby’s healing process. Heat dissipation in pores takes place better.

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2Effective cough treatment

Cure a baby's cough with perilla leaves

According to oriental medicine, Perilla leaves are extremely good herbs in treating cough and expectoration. Mothers grind 50 grams of perilla leaves to get the juice, can be mixed with a little sugar to make it easier for children to drink, give half a teaspoon (2.5ml) each time, 3-5 times a day. The Cough symptoms will reduce effectively after 2 days of use. The essences in perilla slices are absorbed to support bactericidal and reduce the burning pain in the child’s throat.

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3Treatment of heat rash in children

Treat baby heat rash with perilla leaves

In the summer, when the weather is hot, children often have rashes, itching, discomfort in children, making them easy to cry and picky eaters. Natural perilla leaves already contain antibiotics, which can replace baby powder.

Doing: Using perilla leaves to cook water and then bathe the child, the itch quickly disappears, making the baby more comfortable, in addition, it also has high bactericidal properties but is safe, supporting the treatment of skin diseases in children.

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Note when using perilla leaves for babies:

In case the baby has sores, abrasions or severe swelling of pus, moms Do not bathe with perilla leaf water to avoid infection.

Before bathing the baby, the mother should test the application of perilla leaf juice on a small area of ​​the child’s skin, to see if it causes irritation, allergies or other medical symptoms.

Mothers should wash the perilla leaves thoroughly, soak them in salt and boil them thoroughly to be able to completely remove the bacteria present on the surface of the leaves before bathing the child.

Above is the way the old folk used it and it is very effective for mild cases. If the child is in serious condition, it is necessary to take the child to the hospital immediately to receive the best support from the doctor.

Bach Khoa XANH hopes that the sharing about the effects of perilla leaves in the above article will partly help mothers take care and protect their babies.

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