Brought together by friendship, tradition and competition, this weekend an estimated 40,000 people will gather in Perth to take in some of Australia’s most stunning landscapes in the Chevron City to Surf for Activ.

In just under a week, thousands of people will gather in Perth for the Chevron City to Surf for Activ, West Australia’s largest community sporting event. Attracting more than 40,000 entrants last year, the multi-distance event (you can run in the marathon, half marathon, 12k run/walk, 4k run/walk and 4k wheelchair race) offers runners the chance to take in some of WA’s most stunning vistas. But it’s not just the sweeping views of the pristine coastline that are attracting runners.

Competing in the annual event has become a tradition for some, participating every year to better their time, maintain fitness, just for fun or to rekindle old friendships. For Anne Stingmore, who came first in her age category in 2014 and who will race again next weekend, it’s a sense of tradition that sees her return to the race year after year.

Crossing the finish line and the feeling of self-satisfaction and elation for finishing keeps her motivated says Anne, who’s competed in over 20 Chevron City to Surf for Activ events.

“I’ve done over 20, I can’t recall an exact number, my first one was in 1976 I’ve had a few years off when I’ve was traveling or when I had the kids, but I’ve always come bacK,” she says. “Running has always been a part of my lifestyle I can’t imagine my life without it. Last year was a good year for me, I was first in my age category that was a good achievement.”

While Anne has missed a few events, Phil Bailey has been running in the Chevron City to Surf for Activ since its first year in 1974, and hasn’t missed a year since. His motivation for training and to attend each year is to run with his friend and fellow competitor Bob Johnston.

Bob and Phil met at the Chevron City to Surf for Activ and have been friends for over 20 years and use the run as a chance to catch up once a year. Phil said the only reason he keeps coming back is to ‘one up’ Bob each year even competing with sprained ankles and colds just to keep the friendly rivalry strong.

“The atmosphere and watching the event grow to what it is today that is one of the things I enjoy most about the Chevron City to Surf for Activ, it’s great to see more people involved each year and catch up with friends”.

Having seen the event grow over the years, Anne agrees that the City to Surf is WA’s most popular community sporting event. “The introduction of the Marathon and Half Marathon has definitely increased crowds and the community involvement,” she says. “It’s Perth’s favourite fun run, it’s the one people want to do.”

Whether it’s the tradition, the comradery or the evolution of West Australia’s most loved community sporting event the Chevron City to Surf for Activ is sure to stick around for years to come so that the passion for running, the community spirit can thrive.

This year the event will be held on Sunday 30th August 2015. With less than a week to go, there is still time to register, so visit to find out more.