Baby powder is a familiar product to mothers, not only for babies, but talcum powder also has many great uses, let’s find out the uses of talcum powder in the following article.

firstBaby skin care powder

Keep baby’s skin dry, avoid infection caused by sweat and bacteria

The talc ingredient in baby powder will absorb oil and sweat on the baby’s skin so that the baby’s skin becomes dry and clean, preventing sweat and bacteria from having the opportunity to attack and cause skin infections.

Note to the mother, because of its high absorbency, talcum powder is not good for the baby’s trachea, be careful when using it, do not let it fall into the eyes or nose of the child.

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Baby powder keeps baby's skin dry, avoid infection, diaper rashBaby powder keeps baby’s skin dry, avoid infection, diaper rash

Supports the treatment of heat rash, heals wounds caused by insect stings

Calcium salt In addition to absorbing moisture on the skin, talcum powder also helps to fight inflammation and heal wounds caused by insect bites on baby’s skin.

Ingredient zinc salt It also helps to fight inflammation, disinfect, protect the baby’s skin from harmful bacteria, soothe and soften the skin.

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Increases resistance, helps skin fight harmful bacteria

Fat and fragrance in baby powder containing essential oils such as avocado, vitamin E are very good for baby’s skin, making skin soft and smooth, increasing skin’s resistance to make skin more healthy. Some reputable and quality baby powders you can buy for your baby such as: 500ml Johnson baby powder, Pigeon talcum powder,…

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Baby powder for healthy baby skin

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2Beauty powder for mom

Baby powder can be used on baby’s skin, so it is quite safe for mothers to use, without worrying about toxic ingredients penetrating through the skin into the body. Using talcum powder to beautify is more and more used by mothers.

Acne mask

With Oil-absorbing, skin-soothing effect So baby powder can be used as a simple mask ingredient.

Mom mixed a little talcum powder with warm water into a slightly viscous mixture and then applied it evenly on the skin. After 10 minutes, wash it off with warm water, you will see noticeably softer skin, acne spots will be less red and swollen.

Baby powder as a simple mask material