In the baby’s daily menu, except for milk powder, yogurt is a nutritious and very delicious supplement. Feeding your baby with yogurt and drinking yogurt properly will help your baby absorb the most nutrients in this food.

How to feed your baby with yogurt properly

How to feed your baby with yogurt properly

Nutritional ingredients in yoghurt include: Vitamins, calcium, fat, protein, probiotics… help baby good physical and intellectual development, generation Digestion works wellhelp baby effective weight gain.

However, it is not for the sake of yogurt that parents give their babies too much. The appropriate amount of yogurt for each age group is as follows:

  • From 6 months to under 1 year old: 50 grams/day

  • From 1 year to 2 years old: 80 grams/day

  • From 2 to 3 years old: 100 grams/day

  • From 3 years old and up: 200 grams/day

Besides, you should not give your baby yogurt too hot or too cold. Yogurt should be preserved in the fridgeand take it out before giving it to your baby for about 15-20 minutes.

Should feed the baby evening or after breakfast. Should not be given to the baby on an empty stomach, because when the baby’s stomach pH is 2, the acid in the stomach will kill beneficial bacteria in yogurt at the same time calcium excretion.

Do not combine yogurt with medicinebecause some ingredients in medicines, especially antibiotics, can kill beneficial bacteria.

Should choose to buy natural fermented yogurt

Should choose to buy yogurt Natural fermentation, no preservatives and colorants, chemical sugars.

How to let children drink yogurt properly

How to feed your baby with yogurt properly

Drinking yogurt has the same effect as eating yogurt, but when the baby is 1 year old above can be used by children. Yogurt drink with high content high beneficial bacteria much more than eating yogurt, so the baby’s digestive system needs to develop to a certain stage to be able to accept it.

Babies are sick milk allergy Drinking yogurt should not be used because drinking yogurt is basically a dairy products.

Similar to eating yogurt, you should not give your baby yogurt to drink when your baby is born hungry belly or before and after taking antibiotics to avoid loss of beneficial bacteria.

The appropriate amount of yogurt to drink is 1 small bottle/day

The recommended amount for drinking yogurt is a small bottle every day. This amount of yogurt drink is enough to provide the necessary nutrition and beneficial bacteria for the baby’s body during the day.

Do not share drinking yogurt with sauerkraut, salted meat, sausages, cold meats… These foods have contains nitritewhen combined with amines in drinking yogurt, it will form carcinogenic poison.

Eating yogurt or drinking yogurt is beneficial to the health of the baby if parents know how to give it to the baby properly. Please continue to follow our articles on nutrition for babies!

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