There are many bird’s nest products on the market. However, what makes many mothers wonder which bird’s nest water is good for babies? Please refer to the following types of bird’s nest water.

Bird’s nest water is a food that helps to supplement nutrition and protect the health of users, suitable for many different ages, especially good for young children. But what mothers need to care about is choosing the right type of bird’s nest water for their baby to achieve high efficiency and take advantage of all the nutritious ingredients in the bird’s nest. The following article will help you better understand the best bird’s nest water.

Each type of bird’s nest water has its own unique uses, so before deciding to buy bird’s nest water for your baby, you should base on your age, physical condition, as well as the purpose of use and economic conditions.

firstSanest Kids bird’s nest drink exclusively for babies

Sanest Kids bird's nest drink exclusively for babies

This is a product of bird’s nest water for children, Sanest Kids bird’s nest juice has ingredients: water, 15% bird’s nest, rock sugar, taurine, orafti Gr and food additives Good for young physical and mental development.

Children of all ages can use Sanest Kids’ bird’s nest juice, when parents buy it, they don’t need to process it, but let them use it directly.

This kind of bird’s nest has a delicious taste, Stimulate children’s taste buds, help children eat well and sleep deeply comprehensive health care for children. Selling price is about 210,000 VND / 6 jars.

2Kids Dream – Bird’s nest juice

The best types of bird's nest juice today are chosen by mothers for their babies

Kids Dream is a bird’s nest drink for children of the brand’s bird’s nest Song Yen with selling price is about 267,000 VND / 6 jars.

In this product there are Combination of the power trio Vitamin K2 – Vitamin D – Calcium Helps promote the comprehensive development of the skeletal system and give the baby a healthy body.

Kids Dream Bird’s Nest Drink sweet, average, lung tonic, so it is often used to relieve phlegm, relieve dry cough, chronic cough and reduce symptoms of fatigue, enhance resistance and resistance to common childhood illnesses such as cough, cold, fever, common diseases in children.

3Win’sNest kids bird’s nest drink

Bird's nest water is good for babies

This is the product line of Wincofood company Produced from natural island oats, for children bring the effect of increasing resistance, in addition, Win’sNest oats also Provides a rich source of calcium and protein for children conditions for optimal height growth, strong bones, thanks to glutamic acid, the brain develops stably, gives the baby the ability to think intelligently, helps the baby eat well, sleep well. Selling price is about 245,000 VND / 6 jars.

4Thien Viet Kid’s Nest Plus Bird’s Nest Drink

The best types of bird's nest juice today are chosen by mothers for their babies

Thien Viet Kid’s Nest Plus bird’s nest water is produced from the source of Salanganes’Nest 100% and L-lysine help children eat better, increase nutrient absorption, better digestion. Mothers who let their babies use this product will help supplement calcium and vitamin D3 to help increase calcium absorption to support height development and strong bones. This product is available in the market selling price is about 285,000 VND / 6 jars.

5Alpha Kids Nest Bird’s Nest Drink

The best types of bird's nest juice today are chosen by mothers for their babies

Anpha Kids Nest bird’s nest water is this type of bird’s nest for children that is prepared, completely convenient, but still ensures the quality. help baby supplement nutrients from bird’s nest, provide amino acids, trace elements and extremely high protein content help children eat better, absorb nutrients, digest better and develop comprehensively. Bird’s nest juice has a delicious apple flavor, easy to drink. This product is marketed with The price is about 265,000 VND / 6 jars.

When to use bird’s nest water for babies:

Morning: This is the right time to use bird’s nest water because at this time the stomach is empty, using bird’s nest water will absorb nutrients best, and at the same time help the stomach warm up to receive a large amount of energy in the morning. good for health.

Evening before going to bed: Babies can drink bird’s nest water about 30-60 minutes before going to bed, bird’s nest water is easy to digest, rich in fiber, vitamins will not cause bloating and provide more effective nutrition.

Between meals: Mothers can give their babies bird’s nest water to drink at the time between main meals such as breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner, this will help children be provided with nutrition and energy continuously for the development of the children. cells in the body.

Hopefully, the information that the article has just shared will help mothers choose the best bird’s nest water for their babies. Try giving your baby a try one of the above bird’s nest juices at the right dose and at the right time to help your baby eat well and stay healthy!

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