Many mothers search for information about feeding their baby solids. With so many different streams of information, mothers can’t help but wonder about when to feed their baby solids at the best time? Please refer to the following article.

There are many mothers who make mistakes and when to feed their baby solids, many mothers are afraid that not enough milk will make their baby hungry, so introduce solids early from the time the baby is less than 6 months old, and many mothers are afraid of early feeding. affect the baby’s digestive tract, so give baby solid foods late. So when is the best time to eat weaning, the answer will be right here.

firstTime for baby to eat solids

The best time to feed babies weaning that every mother should know

As recommended by World Health Organization (WHO) babies should start solids at 6 months year oldfor the following reasons:

– On stage At 6 months old, the baby’s digestive system has developed It is quite complete, so it can absorb more solid and complex foods than breast milk.

Children’s bodies really need complementary foods for healthy development because breast milk supply after 6 months is no longer enough to meet the daily nutritional needs of children.

– At the same time, nutrition experts also encourage parents to start the period of solid food for children at 6 months and end at 24 months.

What time of day should you feed your baby solids?

The best time to feed babies weaning that every mother should know

Feed your baby when he is awake: Mother should not feed the baby when the baby is sleepy, because then it will disturb the baby’s sleep and at the same time the baby cannot concentrate on eating, which will make the baby cry. Weaning meals can be long, so mothers should choose when the baby is very awake to feed the baby.

Feed your baby between morning and noon: Mother should feed the baby in the middle of the morning, because then, the baby is not too hungry and not too full, the body will absorb nutrients better, avoiding affecting the baby’s immature digestive system.

Feed your baby 1-2 hours after drinking milk: About 1-2 hours before a meal, the mother should feed the baby with milk or drink milk so that the baby is not too hungry. When the baby is fed when the baby is too hungry, it will negatively affect the baby’s digestive system, and reduce the baby’s appetite.

Do not feed your baby after 19:00: After 19 o’clock, the baby should not be fed because when the baby is full, it will be difficult to sleep. After 19 hours, the baby’s digestive system begins to work slowly, the baby is prone to gas and indigestion.

Besides, mom should pay attention Feed your baby 3-4 meals a dayspaced time to avoid the baby being too hungry or too full.

2Reasons to eat solids at the right time

The best time to feed babies weaning that every mother should know

The harm of giving solid foods to babies too early

Many mothers give solid foods to their babies from the age of 3 months or 4, 5 months, this will make affect the utilization of breast milk, children are prone to digestive disorders or diarrhea caused by infection, poisoning, leading to malnutrition.

Weaning babies too early with foods such as cereals, vegetables, tubers… can affect the absorption of iron in breast milk. This leads to anemia in young children.

Early weaning also increases the risk of diseases such as blood pressure, obesity, food allergies, etc.

The harm of giving solid foods to babies too late

After 6 months of age, breast milk is no longer the only source of nutrients for the baby, can not meet the increasing nutritional needs of the baby, so it is necessary to give the baby more complementary foods, namely powdered food. weaning.

If it is too late to add food, it will causing the baby to lack nutrients, making the child grow slowly and susceptible to infections because the child’s immune system is too weak.

3Eat weaning properly

The best time to feed babies weaning that every mother should know

To ensure proper weaning, you need to follow the following principles:

Should adhere to the principle of “sweet – salty”: Sweet taste will be almost like breast milk then gradually replaced by salty powder with more nutritious ingredients.

The “less-more” principle: Feed the child with a small amount and then increase gradually, the first month should give 1-2 tablespoons of powder each time, then gradually increase to 1/3 cup, then half a cup… increased nutritional supplements.

The principle of “thin – thick”: It is advisable to give the child a dilute food first, then gradually thicken it so that the baby’s food digestion is smoother and the baby’s digestive tract does not react when exposed to strange foods.

The principle of “don’t force children to eat”: When the child is just starting to eat, the child may not be able to adapt to the food, does not like the taste, so the child will eat less, do not want to eat anymore or show opposition to weaning, parents can stop for 5-7 days and then try again. Continue the process of weaning or changing foods for the baby do not be too hasty.

It is extremely important to introduce solid foods to children at the right time, right? I hope that the information just shared will help mothers gain more experience to properly care for their babies to ensure their comprehensive and healthy development. strong.