You are looking for a safe, effective kitchen cleaner, but have not found the right one. No need to worry anymore, the following article will help you do that.

The grease and food stains that remain on the stove, if not cleaned immediately, will leave a bad smell and are difficult to clean. To make the housework of mothers easier, chemical companies have launched a line of kitchen cleaners that, no matter how stubborn stains, just need a few drops and it will disappear. right. On the market today, there are many types of bleach with different brands and prices that make housewives hesitate in choosing to buy. Understanding that concern of the sisters, today’s article I will summarize some of the safest and best kitchen cleaners today.

firstCif kitchen cleaner super fast

As a well-known product line under the Unilever brand, Cif kitchen cleaner has a lemon flavor with an effective cleaning formula that removes stubborn stains quickly. The product is extracted from the fresh lemon scent, which not only gives your kitchen an airy and pleasant space, but also has high antibacterial properties, eliminating pathogenic bacteria on the surface.

The price of this product is about: 30,000 / 520ml bottle

2Mr Muscle kitchen cleaner lemon flavor

With the power of deep whirling and cleaning of stubborn grease and stains, Mr Muscle lemon-flavored kitchen cleaner can dislodge stains quickly. In the composition of this bleach has extracted from fresh lemon essence, so it has the ability to kill extremely strong bacteria, clean up to 99.99% of bacteria after only 30 minutes of spraying on the surface. Not to mention, the scent of lemon also brings a fresh and airy space to your kitchen.

The price of this product is about: 30,000 / 500ml bottle

3Mao Bao kitchen cleaner

The main ingredient in Mao Bao kitchen cleaner is completely natural, so it is extremely safe for health and extremely benign to the skin of the hands. The product has high antibacterial properties, so when used, it has the ability to remove dirt and disease-causing bacteria effectively. The outstanding advantage of this cleaner is the bottle design with a convenient spray nozzle, which you can comfortably use to clean any nook and cranny in the kitchen.

The price of this product is about: 40,000/600ml bottle

4Daiwa kitchen cleaner with Violet flavor

Thai products are gradually gaining the trust of consumers in Vietnam because of their affordable prices and excellent product quality. One of them, not to mention Daiwa kitchen cleaner with Violet flavor, a kitchen cleaner that is highly appreciated by many housewives.

For stubborn stains that have not been cleaned for a long time, just spray this bleach on the kitchen surface, the stains will come off by themselves, making cleaning easier. Besides, this product is also extracted from Violet flower essence, so when sprayed on the surface, it will emit a gentle fragrance, creating a pleasant and comfortable kitchen space.

The price of this product is about: 62,000 / 500ml bottle

5Earth Choice kitchen cleaner

Earth Choice kitchen cleaners are manufactured by advanced technology in Australia. The ingredients in the product are completely plant-based, so there is no harm to health or skin irritation during use. The plus point for this product is that the fragrance is extremely gentle and relaxing, the essence of lemon flavor combined with basil leaves can also be used to kill pathogenic bacteria and unpleasant odors clinging to the kitchen.

The price of this product is about: 74,000/600ml bottle

6Astonish Orange Grove Kitchen Cleaner Orange Flavor

Astonish Orange Grove kitchen cleaner with orange flavor is a product imported from the UK. With a special formula, this bleach contains orange oil essence, so it has the ability to clean and remove strong grease stains on kitchen surfaces.

If you want to know more about the Astonish brand, you can refer to: About Astonish, a superior kitchen cleaning product

7Kitchen cleaner from IH Cleaner

Kitchen cleaner from IH Cleaner is a domestic product of Japan, which is considered a safe and effective cleaning method for your kitchen. The main ingredients in the product are natural active ingredients, so it’s very easy for you to clean and remove dirt. Also thanks to these natural active ingredients, you can be completely safe when using it, without having to worry about the problem of harming your health or affecting the skin of your hands.

The price of this product is about: 180,000 / 300ml bottle

Hopefully, the kitchen cleaners that I have synthesized and shared can help housewives easier to clean the kitchen so that their kitchen is always clean, neat and fragrant. .

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