Most often in young children, heat rash causes itchiness and discomfort. This article would like to introduce to mothers the best baby shower gel to treat heat rash that is trusted by many people today.

On hot days, children often sweat more than usual, plus dirt clogs the sweat glands and that’s the reason why babies get heat rash. If the mother does not take care of the baby properly, it will cause a lot of trouble for the health of the child, leading to many other diseases such as: boils, skin infections … The following article would like to share with mothers the types of milk. Bathing can be considered an effective assistant to help treat heat rash.

firstCetaphil Baby Gentle Wash & Shampoo 230ml bottle

The best heat rash shower gels for babies

When choosing a baby heat rash shampoo, you should not ignore Cetaphil Baby Gentle Wash & Shampoo 230ml bottle. Product Extracted from natural ingredients such as chamomile, aloe vera, etc., it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory propertiessoothes itchy skin, moisturizes the skin.

Product no chemicals, Artificial coloring agents ensure absolute safety, helping mothers feel more secure when bathing their babies.

Cetaphil Baby Gentle Wash & Shampoo 230ml bottle with The market price is about 155,000 VND / 230ml bottle.

2Lactacyd BB baby shower gel 250ml

The best heat rash shower gels for babies

Lactacyd BB shower gel 250ml contains Lactoserum and Lactic Acid ingredients together formula with PH 3.5 helps protect baby’s delicate skin, not only help prevent and destroy heat rash, interstitial rash, skin infections… and also helps to keep the skin soft and smooth.

The product has a cheap price of only about 71,000 VND/250ml bottle

3Biore Antibacterial Cool Shower Gel 800g

The best heat rash shower gels for babies

Only with The price is about 96,000 VND Mothers were able to own a bottle of Biore Antibacterial Cool Shower Gel 800g right away. With great use is to treat heat rash for babies.

This shower gel contains antibacterial active ingredient o-Cymen-5-ol helps to clean bacteria and sweat – the cause of heat rashcombining mint leaf extract and Sara powder (Magnesium Stearate) makes skin smooth, moist and cool.

4Johnson’s baby top-to-toe wash body wash 200ml

The best heat rash shower gels for babies

Johnson’s baby top-to-toe wash 200ml with ingredients Water, Fragrance, Citric Acid… Very effective in treating heat rashAt the same time, it is produced according to modern American technology, so it is extremely safe for baby’s sensitive skin, with a mild fragrance.

The current selling price of this product on the market about 59,000 VND/200ml.

5Skina babe Japan shower gel 500ml

The best heat rash shower gels for babies

Although the selling price of Japanese skina babe is up to 505,000 VND 1 bottle of 500ml But this product is still chosen by many Vietnamese mothers for their children to use because it possesses outstanding advantages.

This is a product of cherry origin, a high-class product, extracted entirely from nature with herbal essential oils. Has the effect of treating heat rash for babies, helping to soothe baby’s skin immediatelyalso has the effect of bactericidal and treatment of diseases: dry skin, cracked skin, soothing skin when suffering from typhus … The product does not contain chemicals that are absolutely safe for all types of baby’s skin.

6Arau Baby shower gel for heat rash 450ml

The best heat rash shower gels for babies

Arau Baby shower gel 450ml is a product originating from Japan that is committed to using 100% plant-based ingredients, especially menthol. has many good effects in healing heat rash, reducing inflammation and irritation of baby’s skin such as itchiness, boils, … in addition, there are lavender essential oils, lemon essential oils, perilla extracts to help protect baby’s skin in an absolute way.

Arau Baby baby shower gel 450ml has a market price of about 210,000 VND

Above are the most effective baby heat rash shower gels, please refer to and choose the safest suitable product for your baby!