Among the many brands of condensed milk in Vietnam, have you chosen a good brand to use? If not, please refer to the best condensed milk brands today in the following article.

Condensed milk is cow’s milk that has been drained of water, this type is usually in a thick, sugary form. The main ingredients in condensed milk are cow’s milk, sugar, protein, fat, .. these are all extremely necessary compounds for skinny people in the process of gaining weight. In addition, this milk also adds abundant levels of vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin D, supporting you in developing a strong and healthy skeleton, enhancing the body’s resistance.

Not only providing many nutrients for the body, but this condensed milk also brings a delicious, sweet and characteristic taste, so it is often used to prepare the popular milk coffee, bread dipped in milk, … They are all very delicious and suitable for Vietnamese taste.

firstOng Tho condensed milk

The best condensed milk brands today are chosen by many people

It can be said that this is the most famous and closest milk to Vietnamese consumers. As a trademark of Vinamilk, Ong Tho condensed milk iso bold but moderate sweetness, No preservatives are used, so it is safe for users’ health. They are made with premium cow’s milk, milk powder, fat, sugar and Vitamins A, D and B1.

The current price of Ong Tho condensed milk is about: 23,000 / can of 380g.

2Southern Star

The best condensed milk brands today are chosen by many people

Also Vinamilk’s brand but this type of milk is cheaper than Ong Tho milk. Its main ingredients include: refined sugar, water, vegetable oil, Whey powder, milk powder, Maltodextrin, Lactose. Besides, there are emulsifiers, salt, synthetic flavorings used in food. Nutritional value of Southern star milk in 100g includes 336kcal, 2.7g protein, 10.8g fat.

Learn about Southern Star condensed milk at: Southern Star condensed milk and how are they different?

The current price of Phuong Nam Star condensed milk is about: 18,500 / can of 380g.

3Perfect Condensed Milk

The best condensed milk brands today are chosen by many people

Perfect condensed milk brand Friesland Campina. Unlike Vinamilk, condensed milk is perfect Contains sweetened condensed cream. It helps balance between sweetness and fat, so your cup of coffee is richer and more harmonious. Milk does not contain harmful chemicals or preservatives, ensuring safety for users’ health. There are only two types of milk, cans and paper.

The current price of Perfection condensed milk is about: 16,000 / can of 380g.

4Carnation Condensed Milk Cream

The best condensed milk brands today are chosen by many people

This is a fairly new line of condensed milk ice cream, produced by the Carnation brand. They contain many vitamins such as: A, A1, B2, B1 and D3. Not only that, they also add protein, helping the body to grow and be healthier.

The amount of calcium in milk helps to keep bones and teeth strong, prevent osteoporosis. And Vitamin B2 helps the body support better metabolism, turning nutrients into energy.

The current price of Carnation condensed milk is about: 13,000/can 388g.

5Dutch Lady Condensed Milk

The best condensed milk brands today are chosen by many people

Dutch Lady, also known as Dutch Girl, belongs to the brand Friesland Campina. They contain milk protein, Vitamin B2, Choline. And special, Milk contains a lot of cream make your milk more delicious and full of nutrients. This is also your ideal choice when using milk with bread.

Not letting herself be inferior to other brands, Dutch Lady also “pleases” consumers when it comes to offering a wide range of products to meet all needs. From baby formula, fresh milk to condensed milk,… Either type is highly regarded in terms of quality.

The current price of Dutch Lady condensed milk is about: 25,000 / can of 380g.

6Vegan Condensed Milk

Vegan Condensed Milk

Ingredients of Vega condensed milk include refined sugar, water, powdered milk, palm oil. In addition, Vitamins, Lactose and other nutritional components of cow’s milk. With a rich sweetness, moderate fat will help your cup of milk and coffee be more delicious and nutritious.

Vega condensed milk costs about 15,000 VND / 390g can.

7NutiFood Condensed Milk

The best condensed milk brands today are chosen by many people

As one of 3 famous milk manufacturers in Vietnam market, NutiFood has never disappointed consumers when using its products. With the maxim: “Professional Nutrition Solution”, this brand has built many production plants with modern technological equipment line system of Germany and Sweden. The source of raw materials, production process and storage conditions are always strictly controlled and selected.

The current price of NutiFood condensed milk is about: 15,000 / 380g can.

8Longevity Condensed Milk

The best condensed milk brands today are chosen by many people

As a trademark of the company Friesland-Campina Vietnam, Truong Sinh condensed milk has provided users with quality products produced by modern technological lines, complying with food safety regulations in accordance with the law. international standards. Unlike other brands, Truong Sinh offers only one product line, which is condensed milk. And, thanks to that, the name of this brand is known to more people.

The current price of Truong Sinh condensed milk is about: 17,000 / can of 380g.

As can be seen, Vietnam is an open market with countless products from many different brands, each with its own unique characteristics. Hopefully, the brands that I have synthesized and shared can help you choose the right type of condensed milk for your family’s needs.

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