In fact, there are many types of natural leaves that many mothers choose to bathe their children to clean the skin and treat heat rash, even to whiten the skin. Let’s take a moment to learn about popular leaves for bathing babies!

Newborn baby’s skin is quite sensitive, especially in the neck, buttock area … so mothers need to choose for their baby safe remedies to help protect baby’s skin and keep baby’s skin smooth. Here are popular types of leaves with benign cool properties selected for bathing children.

firstGreen tea leaves

Green tea leaves

Green tea leaves have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that can help definitively treat skin diseases such as diaper rash, sores, rashes, insect bites… However, when choosing green tea leaves to bathe your baby should choose clean leaves without pesticides, then wash them and then boil water to bathe the baby.

2Bitter gourd (Melon)

Bitter gourd leaves (bitter melon) have a benign coolness, so grandparents chose this plant to crush to get the juice mixed with baby bath water to treat heat rash, giving the baby white and smooth skin.

3star fruit leaves

A popular leaf used to bathe children is star fruit. Starfruit leaf bath water has the effect of treating urticaria, rashes, and heat rash. Just pick a handful of star fruit leaves, wash them, pound them to extract the juice, and then mix them with warm water to bathe your baby will bring unexpected effects to the baby’s skin.

4Sai land

If it is in the countryside of Vietnam, it is certainly no stranger to the earthen plant. This is a wild plant, but it has a very good anti-inflammatory effect. With this plant, mothers can take it home, wash it, and then boil water to bathe the baby on hot days.

5Betel leaf is not

Betel leaf has a pungent, warm, pleasant aroma that helps treat atopic dermatitis, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and insect stings. Use 10 betel leaves, washed and boiled for 45 minutes, then mixed with water to bathe the baby.

6Perilla leaves

Bathing with perilla leaves will help treat eczema, tinea versicolor quickly and safely, and perilla leaves also have a cooling and cooling effect on the skin. Mothers can choose to buy clean perilla leaves without pesticides, wash them and boil them with warm water to bathe babies.

7Panax ginseng leaves

Panax ginseng leaves to cook bath water for babies will help limit pimples, rashes, and improve sweating. However, mothers should note that Panax ginseng leaves are soldering, so they should only be used to bathe the baby 2 to 3 times a week.

8galangal leaves

Using galangal leaf water to bathe children will help protect the baby’s skin from bacteria, prevent heat rash, and limit itching.


A familiar spice that everyone knows is ginger. In particular, ginger leaves are also used to bathe children to help prevent skin diseases such as heat rash, tinea versicolor, urticaria..

tenLemon leaves

Many mothers whisper to each other, squeeze a lemon to get the juice and mix it with water to bathe the child. In addition, lemon leaves are also used to boil water for children to help improve the condition of heat rash effectively, and clean the skin.

11Tulip leaves

Use the leaves to cook the leaves to bathe babies to treat scabies, impetigo. Besides, the leaves have warm properties to help the baby’s skin more rosy, helping blood circulation.


When your baby has a rash, itching, take a bath of marjoram leaves for your baby to see this situation is completely reduced. Take a handful of marjoram leaves, wash them, then crush them to extract the juice and mix with warm water to bathe your baby.

13Wormwood leaves

Wormwood is one of the familiar male herbs not only used to eat but also to boil water to bathe babies to help blood circulation, children to sleep better, and to treat dermatitis, diaper rash…

The above are some common leaves used to bathe babies, but when choosing a leaf bath for children to be safe, mothers need to choose clean leaves without pesticides, no pests, need to be washed. will and boil to cool then bathe the baby.