Choosing laundry detergent for babies is the current trend of many young mothers, but which type of baby laundry detergent is good and safe? Refer to the types of washing water for babies that are trusted by mothers in the following article.

Choosing the right laundry detergent for babies not only helps to clean clothes, but also helps to ensure health problems to avoid the risk of allergies in babies. Fabric softener helps babies’ clothes smell better, softer and kills bacteria. The following article would like to share information about some laundry detergent products that mothers choose to use for their babies.

first Should I choose washing powder or liquid laundry detergent for babies?

Should I choose washing powder or liquid laundry detergent for babies?Should I choose washing powder or liquid laundry detergent for babies?

Newborn skin is very sensitive and easily irritated with detergents. Therefore, when choosing baby clothes washing products, you should choose specialized products for children that contain ingredients that are gentle and safe for baby’s skin and lungs.

On the market today, both washing powder and washing liquid are popular and trusted. So should we choose laundry detergent or washing powder for babies?

For washing water, this is an increasingly popular and trusted product thanks to its safety and convenience. Compared with ordinary washing powder, laundry detergent has the ability to dissolve quickly and easily penetrate into each fabric, Limit the situation of remaining detergent residue on clothes, especially when washing by hand. Furthermore, laundry detergent has Gentle scent safe for baby’s skin so you don’t need to use any fabric softener and still keep the fragrance on young clothes for a long time. However, currently The cost of most detergents is higher than that of washing powder have the same use.

In addition to the traditional soap powders, today parents can find many types Specialized washing powder is made specifically for babies With mild cleaning chemicals extracted from nature, no dyes, safe for the lungs and baby’s skin. Washing powder Has alkaline love, easily removes dirt on children’s clothes. In addition to removing stains, washing powder also helps Remove unpleasant odors on clothes. Special The price of washing powder is very affordable.

Parents can trust using laundry detergent or laundry detergent to wash their baby’s clothes, but be careful to choose trusted brands with ingredients and processes made specifically for babies.

2 Choose washing liquid, washing powder according to which criteria is safe for babies?

Choose washing liquid, washing powder according to which criteria is safe for babies?Choose washing liquid, washing powder according to which criteria is safe for babies?

When choosing to buy laundry detergent and washing powder for babies, parents should follow the criteria below to find a suitable product.

Washing liquid and detergent must Able to remove all kinds of dirt in the form of fat, sebum to remove water-soluble substances in breast milk and baby formula. Also these products are also easy Cleans organic matter on fabrics to avoid mold and bacteria.

Contains water-soluble ingredients, low pH To avoid soap residue and harm to baby’s sensitive skin.

Avoid using fabric softeners, because this substance is difficult to dissolve in water. After washing, there may be chemicals left inside the fabric, causing allergies and rashes for baby’s skin.

Avoid products containing reflective additivesthe substance that helps to create the feeling of bright white clothes.

If you want to choose a baby laundry detergent with a scent, you should Choose the scent of natural essential oils to avoid causing steam, headache or skin allergies in children.

Washing liquid and washing powder has the ability to kill bacteria and fungi on children’s clothes well.

3 Top 6 best laundry detergent for babies today

Purity sensltive baby laundry detergent 1.25 liter bottle

Purity sensltive baby laundry detergent 1.25 liter bottlePurity sensltive baby laundry detergent 1.25 liter bottle

This is the line of washing water Originated from Australia natural ingredients that do not contain allergens, irritants, no phosphates, especially without bleach, preservatives, colorants…

Use Purity conditioner to help your baby’s clothes & the whole family’s clothes Soft, color stays longer. The selling price of this product in the market about 132,000₫

D-nee baby laundry detergent

D-nee baby laundry detergentD-nee baby laundry detergent

D-nee children’s laundry detergent is produced from Thailand with natural extracts and is safe for the skin and does not cause rashes in babies, effectively cleans clothes.

Shared by mothers, this is a long-lasting, soft fabric laundry detergent with a pleasant scent but a bit similar to other types.

In particular, the neutral pH concentration helps to make the fabric soft and smooth and helps the mother’s hands not to dry out when washed many times. Price about 215,000 VND/can of 3 liters.

Kodomo Sweetie Care baby laundry detergent

Kodomo Sweetie Care baby laundry detergentKodomo Sweetie Care baby laundry detergent

Kodomo laundry detergent is also a product that has Originated from Thailand, has a balanced pH does not cause irritation to children’s skin, has the ability to clean, remove all stains, deodorize fishy clothes, soften the fabric Baby’s clothes are softer.

In today’s market The price of Kodomo washing liquid in a 3-liter bottle is about 275,000 VND.

Wesser 2in1 baby laundry detergent

Wesser 2in1 baby laundry detergentWesser 2in1 baby laundry detergent

This is very famous baby laundry brand in Korea and is currently being used by Vietnamese mothers.

The main advantage of this product is: Absolutely safe for baby’s sensitive skinhas a natural fragrance from the rose scent to help remove odors, leaving clothes clean and fresh.

Wesser 2in1 laundry detergent 1200ml costs about 131,000 VND.

Purex Baby soft ultra doux laundry detergent

Purex Baby soft ultra doux laundry detergentPurex Baby soft ultra doux laundry detergent

Purex is a brand of laundry detergent Famous from America trusted by many Vietnamese mothers for babies. With the safety standards set out by American health, with natural extracts to keep baby’s clothes soft and smooth, with a gentle fragrance that is safe for baby’s skin. The product has a selling price of about 110,000 – 150,000 VND

Ariel laundry detergent gentle

Ariel laundry detergent gentleAriel laundry detergent gentle

If you cannot choose a washing liquid suitable for your baby’s tender skin, you can choose to buy Ariel laundry detergent suitable for children, which effectively removes stains, makes the fabric very soft, The fragrance is cool, safe and gentle for baby’s skin.

The current market price is about 139,000 VND/bag of 2.15kg.

4 Top … safest baby washing powder today

Baby washing powder AHA Baby

Baby washing powder AHA BabyBaby washing powder AHA Baby

AHA Baby is a specialized washing powder for babies Has excellent bactericidal ability and is very soluble in water without leaving soap residue. So you can rest assured to wash by hand and machine. Baby washing powder AHA Baby has been tested to have ingredients that are safe for baby’s skin 99.7% degradable in the environment, ensuring safety for children’s health.

AHA Bio biological laundry detergent for babies

AHA Bio biological laundry detergent for babiesAHA Bio biological laundry detergent for babies

AHA Bio biological laundry detergent for babies Antiseptic, non-caustic and safe for children’s skinEven after washing, you can use it to water your plants. In addition to the same uses as AHA Baby washing powder, AHA Bio . washing powder saves 3 times compared to conventional washing powder.

Pigeon washing powder for babies

Pigeon washing powder for babiesPigeon washing powder for babies

Pigeon is definitely a brand that is no stranger to breastfeeding mothers with famous products that are safe for babies. And Pigeon washing powder is no exception. This washing powder has a formula Powerful disinfectant and deodorizerhelp children’s clothes always clean and bacteria No more unpleasant odors from cholera or food. In addition, the product is 100% tested. Does not contain fluorescent (brightening agent). Mild, long-lasting scentno harm to baby’s skin and keep the color of clothes long lasting.

Tips for washing baby clothes

  • Newly bought clothes should be washed with washing water before letting the baby wear them.

Above are a few types of laundry detergent for babies trusted by many Vietnamese mothers, hoping to help you choose the best and most suitable product for your baby.