Before the situation of environmental pollution and bacteria is quite serious, choosing a good mask is essential, especially for young children. Here are suggestions for the best masks for babies.

With the current pollution situation, ordinary mask models such as activated cotton masks, medical masks only work to prevent large-sized coarse dust, cannot prevent dust below 2.5 micrometers, the type of dust that the eyes cannot control. usually not visible. Therefore, to protect their children against bad agents from the outside environment, parents should choose for their children the appropriate mask to protect their health and safety.

firstUnicharm N95 Mask

The best anti-dust and anti-virus masks for babies

Unicharm N95 mask is a Japanese anti-dust mask model, which has received the trust of many Vietnamese consumers. Currently, this mask model is commonly used in daily life, suitable for both children and adults.

With a smart 3D design, it fits the contours of the face, helping to bring a comfortable and pleasant feeling to the user.

23D Mask Kids

3D Mask Kids mask is exclusively for babies, with a face-hugging design to help protect the baby most effectively. Multi-layer filter structure helps to prevent dust and viruses optimally.

The shoulder strap is soft and elastic, does not cause discomfort for the baby to wear.

3Smartmi KN95 mask for children

The best anti-dust and anti-virus masks for babies

Baby masks are designed to be simple, stretchy and comfortable, suitable for many face types of users, including children. Polyurethane PP material also helps to create comfort when wearing, while increasing the dust resistance of the mask.

The KN95 filter standard with a 4-layer filter design helps to ensure that the air is clean and the particles are only 2.5 micrometers in size.

4Kid 3Y activated carbon mask

The best anti-dust and anti-virus masks for babies

This type of mask is suitable for children from 3 years old and is manufactured with 100% high-grade activated carbon. This product has the ability to filter 100% of large dust particles and more than 90% of small dust particles to help protect the respiratory system and baby’s health in the best way.

Kid 3Y masks are made from non-woven fabrics and have a surface area of ​​up to 1200m2/g to help create ventilation and comfort for users.

5Anxin PM2.5 ultra-fine dust mask

The best anti-dust and anti-virus masks for babies

This type of mask is a mask for children, using an active filter with the ability to filter ultra-fine dust, which is very suitable for parents to choose to use for their children when they are seriously polluted like today. .

The dust filtering capacity of Anxin masks is up to 95%, the dust prevention efficiency is 5 times higher than that of cloth masks, ordinary medical masks.

This type of mask is also designed to be very suitable for the personality and preferences of the children, and the mother can completely choose to use it for the baby.

6Pigeon Bear Mask

The best anti-dust and anti-virus masks for babies

This is a line of masks originating from Japan, this mask is bought by many Vietnamese mothers to use for children aged 1 year and older. The material of the bear mask is made from disinfected activated cotton, so the dust resistance of this mask line is very high.

Smart design 3-dimensional dome shape hugs baby’s mouth and nose without causing discomfort. In addition, the mask with 3 layers including 1 layer of air filter, 1 layer of antibacterial and 1 layer of air purification again helps to clean the air effectively.

7PITTA MASK masks for children

The best anti-dust and anti-virus masks for babies

This mask line has a beautiful design, has a multi-layer filter bag, the mask’s strap is soft, stretchable and absolutely does not cause discomfort or ear pain when using. In addition, parents can wash the mask and reuse it many times.

8Simba masks for babies

The best anti-dust and anti-virus masks for babies

Masks not only prevent dust, but also keep babies warm and healthy when going out with parents. The product has a 3-layer structure, using organic cotton fiber and natural bamboo fiber of CU Dutch quality, so you can rest assured to use it for your baby.

9Lily mask

High-class Lily mask protects babies extremely effectively from dirt and bacteria, non-woven fabric, so there is no dust and fabric that can cause respiratory problems. The soft mask hugs the baby’s face but is very easy to breathe, does not make the baby uncomfortable.

tenSuzuran Mask

The best anti-dust and anti-virus masks for babies

Suzuran is a line of specialized masks for babies. With current production technology, Suzuran masks have high antibacterial ability, control and prevent the growth of bacteria harmful to the respiratory tract.

In addition, the lines of Wakamono masks, Dr.Mask masks, … are also quality types, you can find and buy for your baby.

Teach your child the habit of wearing a mask when going out and in public and crowded places. This helps your baby limit respiratory infections. Hopefully, the above masks will help you and your family members protect your best health.