After giving birth, the mother’s fluid is a lot, so it is necessary to prepare an appropriate tampon, below are suggestions for the best absorbent tampons for postpartum mothers, please refer to it.

Unlike normal days, after giving birth, there is more discharge, so it is necessary to choose appropriate tampons to avoid overflow. Sanitary pads for mothers after giving birth on the market today have many types with different prices, but women need to choose for themselves a quality tampon with good absorbency, safe for users. used, trusted by many people, here are a few suggestions for you.

firstDiana Mama sanitary napkins

Diana Mama sanitary napkinsDiana Mama sanitary napkins

Sisters are familiar with Diana brand, a famous brand of sanitary napkins, in addition Diana also has Mama diaper products for postpartum mothers. This product Designed with smooth surface, anti-spill on both sides, soft coating, good absorption and make the user feel comfortable.

Diana Mamma women’s diapers pack 12 pieces has a market price of about 32,000 VND.

2Bella Flora night tampons

Types of sanitary napkins for mothers after giving birth

Belle Flora is a famous brand of sanitary napkins from Taiwan. Bella Flora nighttime tampon Produced with modern technology lines from the The most natural ingredients should be safe for sensitive skin. The product has the effect of bactericidal, increasing immunity, preventing gynecological diseases for women.

This product has a selling price of about 48,500 VND / 1 pack.

3Diana sanitary napkins at night

Types of sanitary napkins for mothers after giving birth

Besides Diana Mama diapers, you can choose night pants that also belong to the quality brand Diana. Pants design with soft, breathable cotton surface gives you all-night comforthave better sleep. Package of 2 pieces is priced at about 33,000 VND.

4Abena Premium Maternity Pads

Types of sanitary napkins for mothers after giving birth

One of the postpartum tampons that women should also pay attention to is Abena Premium maternity pads. This product is uniquely designed, safe for users No smell, no allergies, dermatitis brings comfort to women after giving birth.

The product is packed in 14 pieces with a price of about 125,000 VND.

5October Crystallized sanitary napkins for pregnant women

Types of sanitary napkins for mothers after giving birth

October Crystallized Sanitary Pads Has a smooth cotton surface, absorbs quickly and does not spill out. Produced with advanced technology diamond-shaped stamping line to effectively prevent overflow, In addition to postpartum mothers, this type of sanitary napkin can be used for the elderly, the sick, women during menstruation or even children.

The price of this product is about 324,000 VND.

6Laurier Fresh & Free multi-night sanitary napkins

Types of sanitary napkins for mothers after giving birth

For only about 45,000 VND, pregnant women can immediately own Laurier Fresh & Free sanitary napkins with outstanding length (35cm), Extremely effective against spills. Anti-spill walls on both sides hug the body curves tightly, The rear anti-spill wing is up to 16cm wide to keep the tape in place. At the same time, the cotton surface is soft, gentle, safe for the sensitive skin of women after giving birth.

7Whisper tampons for the night

Types of sanitary napkins for mothers after giving birth

Whisper is a famous American brand of sanitary napkins, with sanitary napkin products for women after giving birth. Night Whisper has an ultra-fast absorbent mesh layer that helps users always feel really dry, not wet, uncomfortable. The market price is about 20,000 VND/pack.

8Eun jee night tampon

Types of sanitary napkins for mothers after giving birth

The type of tampon chosen by many postpartum mothers is the Eun Jee nighttime tampon, a product manufactured with modern technology, Made from soft and smooth cotton material, with quick absorptionfits the curve of the body, does not irritate the skin, gives you a feeling of dry and clean during use. The selling price of this product on the market is about 45,000 VND/pack.

9Yejimiin Korean nighttime sanitary napkin

Types of sanitary napkins for mothers after giving birth

The most effective type of sanitary napkin for postpartum women cannot fail to mention the Yejimiin nighttime tampon. Product Designed with a length of 41cm, extracted from 100% rosemary Medicine helps girls dispel worries about smell, prevent gynecological diseases. The selling price is only about 45,000 VND/pack.

Above are the types of sanitary napkins for postpartum women that are reputable, quality, and safe. Hope it helps you to choose the best product for you.

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