The eye-catching fruit yogurt bottles are both delicious and beautiful, but the way to make is extremely simple. Read the following article to know immediately how to make colorful fruit yogurt.

Yogurt is an extremely beneficial food for our health. Eating yogurt is always boring, let’s transform the familiar daily yogurt into this colorful fruit yogurt dish. Yogurt combined with fresh fruit jam makes the dish sweet and sour and full of fruit, suitable for everyone to enjoy.

firstIngredients for making fruit yogurt ice cream

Ingredients for making fruit yogurt ice creamIngredients for making fruit yogurt ice cream

2How to make fruit yogurt

Because it takes time to brew yogurt, this dish needs about 8.5 hours!

Step 1: Make yogurt

How to make colorful fruit yogurt

Note: Do not add yogurt when the mixture is still hot, it will damage the yeast inside the yogurt, when it is brewed, it will not be delicious anymore.

  • Cover the mixture with cling film. For the mixture into a larger pot, or styrofoam, and then pour boiling water around to more than half of the mixture. Cover up then incubated for 8 hours.

Step 2: Make fresh fruit jam

 Make fresh fruit jam

  • Fruits of all kinds chopped or pureed depending on preference. Add sugar according to the sweetness of the fruit, then slug in a hot pan. Until the sugar dissolves and penetrates evenly, the jam becomes viscous, The color of the jam becomes dark and clear.

Step 3: Complete the fruit yogurt dish

Complete fruit yoghurt

  • Cut off the top of the jam bag, Squeeze fruit jam slowly around the bottle wall. Pour in yogurt bottle and close the cap. So you have finished the attractive fruit yogurt dish. You can enjoy it right away or keep it in the fridge to chill.

3Finished Product

Fruit yogurtFruit yogurt

Tips for making drinking yogurt successfully:

The yogurt should be left out of room temperature, then added the milk. When stirring the mixture, only stir in one direction, the more you stir, the smoother the yogurt will be.

When brewing yogurt, you need to mix water in the ratio: 2 parts hot water, 1 part cold water. Water must cover ⅔ cup or bottle containing yogurt.

The best yogurt incubation temperature is 35 – 48 degrees Celsius. Do not incubate with too low a temperature that will prevent the milk from fermenting. Incubation with too high temperature (above 54 degrees Celsius) will cause yeast to die.

Only brew for exactly 8 hours, if the incubation time is exceeded, the milk will be sour and not delicious.

This fruit yogurt dish has a vibrant color, a fresh delicious taste that combines yogurt and fruit. This dish is better served cold! Hope you are succesful. You can refer to more ways to make yogurt or how to make simple bag yogurt on Bach Hoa Xanh!