Have you decided what to cook for your family today? Check out our 4-course menu below!

Delicious braised carp with fatty pangasius meat, served with attractive sweet and sour fried beef, add a sip of cool vegetable perch soup and finally dessert with a delicious carrot smoothie. is to make your home tray more wonderful.

firstBraised carp

Braised carp is a familiar dish to many Vietnamese people, although it is quite rustic and close, its taste always makes people remember forever even if only tasted it a few times. The rich flavor of braised fish, combined with the fatty taste of braised pork belly, eaten with hot rice is just right.

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2Stir-fried sweet and sour beef

Beef contains many nutrients that are good for health as well as very good for the development of your child. Let’s start making this delicious sweet and sour beef stir-fry to treat the whole family.

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3Vegetable perch soup

Vegetable perch soup is often preferred by many Vietnamese families because of the cool and sweet taste of green vegetables and the rustic rustic taste of perch. After eating a variety of meat and fish with many flavors, a sip of perch vegetable soup will make everything more delicious.

Many women do not know how to make this dish, please refer to it immediately: How to cook perch soup with vegetables, fresh water and not fishy

4Carrot smoothie

Many people are no stranger to carrot smoothies. Considered a dish not only a great dessert but also helps to beautify the skin, brighten the eyes, good for the digestive system, smoothies are the right dessert for today’s tray of rice, right?

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Hopefully, through the above article, you have the perfect menu to treat your whole family. wish you delicious.

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