Pate is a convenient food that can be processed into many delicious and nutritious dishes. Let’s take a look at delicious dishes with pate in the following article!

Pate is a familiar food to everyone. In pate has a high vitamin A content to help brighten eyes, prevent dry eyes and eye fatigue. Besides, the amount of vitamin C in pate also helps strengthen the body’s immunity and prevent cancer cells. Not only nutritious, but pate is also a food that can be processed into extremely delicious dishes.

firstPate bread

Pate bread

This is a very familiar dish for us. Bread spread with a little pate, combined with other ingredients such as pork, eggs, spring rolls, vegetables, … has become a famous delicacy of Vietnam. On busy mornings, you just need a little bread and pate to have enough nutrition and energy for a working morning. The delicious greasy taste of pate will make the bread taste much better.

2Chicken cooked with green pepper pate

Chicken cooked with green pepper pate with the fatty taste of the potato, the sweetness of the meat mixed with a little aromatic fat from the pate is the right choice to renew the taste of the whole family. This is a delicious and nutritious dish that is very simple to make.

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3Beef with pate

The whole family scoffed with an extremely mouth-watering pate-cooked beef pate. The thick, greasy and fragrant pate soup, combined with the soft cooked beef that melts in the mouth, the pate cooked beef will conquer the whole family with this irresistible delicious taste.

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4Soup cake

The delicious, glossy pate cakes are extremely attractive with a filling made from soft, delicious pate with a crispy crust that will surely make everyone fall in love.

This cake suits the taste of the majority of people, you can use it for breakfast, snacks are suitable.

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Pate is a delicious and nutritious food, so it is loved by many people. You should know how to choose to buy and use pate effectively, besides, you also need to know the notes when eating pate to promote the benefits of this food.