The acute respiratory infection caused by Corona virus is complicated. One of the subjects that is considered to be most susceptible to infection is infants. Therefore, taking care of babies during the Corona epidemic season is something that parents should do.

Recently, there has been a case of a 3-month-old infant being infected with Corona virus, this incident serves as a wake-up call for parents to pay more attention to newborn care to prevent the virus from causing illness. . To help your child avoid the risk of being infected with the Corona virus, mothers need to pay attention to the following important points.

firstDo not allow infants to stay in air-conditioned rooms

Taking care of babies during the Corona epidemic season

Many parents worry that if they let their children out, they will easily get sick, so keep them in the room with the door closed and the air conditioner on. This is a completely wrong thought because according to scientists, it is shown that in warm sunny weather, the temperature at about 20-25 degrees Celsius will prevent the Corona virus from thriving, so instead of leaving the baby in an air-conditioned room, let’s Place your baby in a well-ventilated place at a temperature above 25 degrees Celsius and Limit lying in a room that is too cold.

2Avoid keeping your baby indoors

Taking care of babies during the Corona epidemic season

Limiting your baby to crowded places is a good thing to do, but please Let the baby out to sunbathe, open the door to catch the sun to keep the house ventilated.

3Clean and disinfect objects in the house

Corona virus can be brought in from outside, so parents need to clean their house and household items regularly, including their baby’s toys with specialized bleach to limit the spread of the virus, which increases the risk of causing serious illness. baby disease.

4Wash your hands thoroughly before touching your baby

This is an especially important note when taking care of babies during the Corona epidemic season. That is a way to limit the risk of virus infection, but when washing your hands, you should wash them for at least 20 seconds according to the instructions of the Ministry of Health.

5Clean baby

Taking care of babies during the Corona epidemic season

Clean the baby’s body, especially do not let the baby put his hands on his mouth and eyes when his hands have not been washed. If you take your baby out, you must dress warmly and wear a mask.

6Boost your baby’s immunity

In case the baby is breastfeeding, the mother needs to eat enough nutrients and foods and drinks containing a lot of vitamin C such as oranges, tangerines, broccoli, kiwi, garlic … to secrete milk for the baby to breastfeed. Increases resistance.

If the baby can eat, it is necessary to pay attention to the baby eating cooked food, drinking boiling water, eating enough nutrients and drinking plenty of water. Also consult your doctor to help your baby supplement with vitamins.

Just a little bit of information about taking care of babies during the Corona epidemic season, parents please save it to have more knowledge to take care of your baby and stay healthy!