Are you looking for a sunscreen suitable for pregnant women? The following article will introduce you to the Sunplay sunscreen line that is extremely safe for pregnant women.

Every woman has the need to beautify and take care of herself. But when they have a small form, women often limit the use of skin care products to protect the safety of both mother and baby.

However, few people know that, during pregnancy, a woman’s skin will become extremely sensitive due to hormonal changes in the body. So, when pregnant, women need to avoid using cosmetics but still should have adequate sun protection to protect their skin from the effects of the sun. So What factors does Sunplay sunscreen have suitable for pregnant women’s skin?

firstAbout Sunplay sunscreen:

Sunplay sunscreen is one of the brands under the management of Rohto Group, a corporation from Japan with popular product lines in the Vietnamese market for many years.

Sunscreen from Sunplay brand has diverse designs, good quality suitable for all ages, but the price is extremely cheap, so it is very popular with consumers. Pregnant women who are still having trouble choosing the right sunscreen, Sunplay Sunscreen is a perfect suggestion because of the following properties:


The ingredients in Sunplay sunscreen are mostly Vitamin B5, C and E that do not cause skin irritation, suitable for sensitive skin.

During pregnancy, pregnant women should avoid using sunscreens with ingredients such as: Mineral Oil, Parabens, Alcohol, .. because these are irritating ingredients, which can affect the fetus. during permeation.

Suitable sun protection index:

For pregnant mothers, the appropriate sun protection index will be in the range of SPF30 – SPF50, with an average index like that, mothers do not have to worry about skin irritation, acne or sunburn.

Good quality:

Sunplay sunscreen has 3 forms: cream, milk and water film. According to the evaluation of experts and consumers, no matter what form you use, the product brings very good results, the cream penetrates quickly through the skin, creating a smooth feeling.

2Some Sunplay sunscreens are suitable for pregnant women

Some popular Sunplay sunscreens on the market today are suitable for pregnant women such as:

Sunplay whitening sunscreen milk SPF 50/PA++++ is currently priced at about 100,000 VND, helps to hydrate and moisturize the skin, SPF 50+ effectively protects against UV rays.

Sunplay sunscreen is safe and effective for pregnant women

Sunplay sunscreen for babies and sensitive skin SPF 35/PA++ is currently priced at about 72,000 VND, this sunscreen has gentle ingredients that are suitable for sensitive skin and suitable for pregnant women.

Sunplay sunscreen is safe and effective for pregnant women

It can be seen that Sunplay knows how to please customers by regularly updating new and diverse models to meet the needs of customers.

3Notes when using Sunplay sunscreen for pregnant women

Sunplay sunscreen is safe and effective for pregnant women

Do not use spray sunscreen:

Many women have the habit of using spray sunscreen to save time. In fact, in spray sunscreens there is Titanium Dioxide – this is a carcinogen if used regularly. Therefore, pregnant mothers need to avoid using spray sunscreen to protect themselves and their babies!

Oily Sunplay sunscreens should not be used:

Oil-based sunscreens will clog pores, causing more acne.

Do not overuse sunscreen:

You know, too much of anything is not good either. Therefore, pregnant women should not apply sunscreen continuously, many times a day. Excessive abuse is not good for the skin, especially pregnant women.

Choose genuine sunscreen:

Currently, sunscreens are faked a lot and have a great impact on health if purchased. You should refer to the tips to distinguish fake Skin Aqua sunscreen to buy quality products.

When going out in the hot weather like today, don’t forget to put on a long sleeve shirt, a hat and a mask to protect your skin thoroughly. Hope the above information will be useful to you.

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