On a hot summer day, the baby is still constantly moving, playing and developing. But under this weather, the baby gets tired easily, loses his appetite, his health declines… What to feed him in the summer, why should he care?

Foods that help your baby’s body retain water

Foods that help your baby's body retain water

Children’s hyperactivity causes their body to lose a lot of water through sweating; it happens even faster in the summer heat. Playful, hyperactive, lazy to drink water, the baby’s body will easily lack water, dehydration leads to health consequences such as dry skin, constipation …

To supplement the baby’s water, in addition to paying attention to reminding and giving the baby enough water, the mother adds to the baby’s daily menu cool fruits and lots of Vitamin C such as oranges, guava, tomatoes, kiwi, grapefruit…

Vegetables rich in Vitamin A are also essential, to keep the baby’s skin from drying out, lack of water such as papaya, carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkins…

Food that stimulates appetite

Food that stimulates appetite

Hot weather reduces cravings but eats less! Mothers should add foods rich in vitamins and zinc to stimulate their baby’s appetite, help them eat well and get enough nutrients for a healthy, active body and prevent diseases.

Vitamin-rich vegetables that stimulate appetite such as spinach, amaranth, etc.

Foods rich in zinc are beneficial for babies such as peas, soybeans, lean meat, oysters, shrimp and crab, flour, etc.

Foods that increase resistance

Foods that increase resistance

They will help the baby’s body fight against pathogens caused by weather. Include:

Foods rich in zinc help stimulate appetite and strengthen the immune system.

Foods rich in Lysine: Meat, fish, eggs, milk help your baby develop skeletal muscles, increase calcium absorption.

– Vitamin C found in summer foods such as jute vegetables, water spinach, grapefruit, longan, lemon, pineapple… helps protect the body and enhance the activity of the immune system; at the same time help heal wounds and protect children from common colds common in summer.

Food to help baby sleep

Food to help baby sleep

Hot, difficult to sleep, not sleeping deeply is a common condition not only in adults but also in children in the hot summer. Deep sleep, meanwhile, is essential for brain development and health for your baby.

Mothers can add a few foods to support their baby’s good sleep:

Bananas: Melatonin and Serotonin in bananas have the ability to regulate the baby’s sleep cycle. And the magnesium in bananas will help the baby’s body relax, easy to go to sleep.

– Apples: Apples contain a lot of Protein, Vitamin C, Calcium … has a very good tonic and sedative effect. In particular, the calcium in apples helps soothe and calm the body, helping the baby quickly fall asleep.

– Milk and dairy products: As you probably know, a cup of warm milk before bed is very good for a baby’s good and deep sleep. Not only providing a variety of vitamins and minerals, tryptophan in milk also has the effect of stabilizing the nervous system, controlling the excitement of the central nervous system, making babies feel sleepy more quickly.

And calcium in milk also promotes the production of Mentonin, a substance that helps reduce stress and stabilize the brain so that the baby can sleep easily and deeply.

These are all very familiar foods that mothers often choose to use for their babies; Just pay attention to strengthen them in this hot summer, so that your baby still has plenty of nutrition, energy and health to play and grow up day by day.

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