Children who are anorexic or eat too little cause parents a headache to find ways to make the child gain weight. However, the wrong methods will make children not only not interested in food, but also lead to other unpredictable consequences. This article will help mothers overcome the above situation through 3 simple steps.

firstMake a growth chart for your baby

Children may not gain weight, but that does not mean they are underdeveloped

Weigh measure at least 2 times and time separate To be 8 weeks

If young just been sick, then it takes time to weigh stretch go out 11 to 12 weeks

Parents should monitor weight trends in 3 weighings and assessment charting child growth

Don’t worry if your child is not gaining weight, reality shows that children Not gaining weight does not mean underdevelopment

2Keep your mind gentle when feeding your baby

Parents should have a comfortable mind when feeding children

Threats only make children lose interest in food, instead parents should keep a balanced and comfortable psychology with children. Encourage your child to eat with the family and with other children.

If the child is anorexic, maybe 30 – 50% reduction in food intake and increase meal or increase foods that are high in energy. Limit because of worrying about the child’s anorexia that adds too much protein and fat to the child’s diet.

Mothers can too take turns feeding the baby, Share this with your baby’s father, grandparents or other family members to help moms with mealtimes.

3Get your kids involved in fun activities to recharge

Letting children play activities will stimulate their appetite more

Should keep baby activehave fun games 30 minutes everyday. Play activities will help children use energy and feel hungry easily than.

Anorexia is not a disease, if parents have too much influence on children’s psychology when eating, it can have long-term effects. Think of ways to make your child more interested in eating and eat more at each meal.

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