If not cleaned regularly, the toilet will become an ideal environment for bacteria to multiply. Toilet bowl cleaners are gradually replacing other conventional cleaning methods. So how to use toilet cleaner and what to pay attention to?

Toilet bowl cleaner not only Thoroughly cleans stains and stains Along the toilet, toilet cleaners can also deodorization uncomfortable in the toilet, keep the toilet smelling fresh. Not only that, the toilet bowl cleaner is also useful kill bacteria, preventing the growth of bacteria. But not recommended for frequent use because of the amount of strong detergent and high corrosiveness.

How to use toilet cleaner

How to use toilet cleaner

Step 1: Take the amount of toilet cleaner tablets according to the instructions on the product packaging.

Step 2: Empty the water in the water tank, place the bleach in the toilet strainer.

Step 3: Wait in about 30 – 60 minutes Let the toilet cleaner dissolve on its own, the water in the tank turns green and you flush to remove plaque, bacteria, and yellow stains on the toilet.

Can be combined with additional brushes and toilet cleaner to scrub away stubborn stains.

Note when using toilet cleaner:

Note when using

– Do not use too many bleach tablets in one use. Should only be used according to the manufacturer’s instructions, using too much makes the surface material quickly corroded, damaged, and is not really good for the health of the user.

– According to the recommendation After 200 – 300 flushes, users can reuse it Toilet cleaner, avoid using too thick not only cause waste but also wear down the surface of the material.

– The concentration of chemicals and the ability to self-melt of toilet cleaners of different brands are different. It only achieves a good cleaning effect when it is sufficiently dissolved in water.

– Need to see the instructions on the product to see how long the wait time is enough for the bleach to completely dissolve before flushing, so that the best cleaning effect can be achieved.

Toilet cleaner is really a useful product for every family. However, you need to wisely choose toilet cleaners of clear origin, avoiding buying fakes and imitations. Hopefully, through this article, you will know how to use the most effective toilet cleaner.

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