Soursop with sweet and sour taste is very effective in maintaining body shape and skin care, which is loved by many women. However, a lot of word of mouth says that they can harm the health of pregnant women and fetuses. Is that really true?

Custard apple has a sweet and sour taste that stimulates the taste buds and has many good health benefits. Therefore, this is a fruit that is loved by many women, especially pregnant women because of its sweet and sour taste during pregnancy. However, pregnant mothers are often afraid to eat custard-apple because there is a notion that pregnant women cannot eat custard-apple, which will harm both mother and fetus. So is this concept true or false, pregnant women can eat custard apple or not? Let’s find out together.

firstSoursop with pregnant women beneficial or harmful?

According to experts, soursop brings many benefits to pregnant women, but eating too much will also harm the mother and fetus:

Benefits of soursop:

– Studies have found that soursop contains Acetogenin – one of the active ingredients that help prevent cancer very well.

– Soursop provides a lot of fiber, helping the mother’s digestive system to be better, avoiding the condition pregnancy constipation.

The potassium content in custard apple helps the mother to limit cramps.

Harm if eating a lot of custard apple:

Eating a lot of soursop causes nausea and vomiting, dilates blood vessels and lowers blood pressure.

– Stimulates blood circulation disorders to work continuously with high productivity, affecting heart health.

The high amount of acid in custard apple easily causes the uterus of pregnant women to contract, leading to premature birth or miscarriage.

Annonaceous acetogenins – active substances that cause neurological disorders, so those with diseases such as migraine, nervous depression should avoid using much.

Using soursop in moderation helps prevent constipation, fetal malformations and miscarriage

2Should or should not eat custard apple during pregnancy?

The Pregnant women can still eat custard-apple, but eat in moderation. should not eat too much. When eating, there are a few things to keep in mind:

– Experts recommend that pregnant people should only Eat about 50g custard apple once, eat 1-2 times a week. Pregnant women should choose the ripe custard apple to eat and process to ensure the best taste and nutrition.

– Avoid eating unripe or just ripe custard-apple, which will adversely affect digestion.

– Mothers who have a disease or are taking drugs for high blood pressure, diabetes, liver, kidney, or low platelet therapy should not use.

Use soursop, remember not to use more than 250g / time and 1 time / week.

Pregnant women can still eat custard-apple and will receive many benefits, provided that they do not eat too much for a long time. Hopefully after this article, pregnant women will better understand this fruit and know how to eat them properly.